Monday, December 13, 2010

I'm not a quitter ... I just hate 2010

And I'm impatiently waiting for it to be over. I haven't quit blogging like I've pretty much quit soccer, I just don't have any new blog material because, aside from getting ready for Christmas, I don't do a whole hell of a lot. Just wait to see what types of blogs I come up with when I finally have a working computer at home. Maybe I'll start doing product reviews, or become a TV critic. One thing that's a given project is setting up a profile on Plenty of Fish and blogging about those experiences. Or I can set up a Rub n Tug in my garage. I've been told I'm really good at hand jobs and I kinda need the money. Fun times are coming ... I can feel it. But first, this year has to end.

And even before that, I have some black berry pics for Mobile Upload Monday ... enjoy.

This appeared on my phone the other day when I took it out of the holster ... took a minute to realize what it is, but it's clearly my sisters boyfriends bald spot ...
Let's just call him Trichotillomannia Tyler.

This guy smokes outside my building. He thinks he's pretty slick with his cell phone wedged under his earmuffs. Hey ... it's a Canadian blue tooth!

My cat. Watching TV for five minutes

Let's see what she's watching .... Of course .... Bugs Bunny and Tweety

And last but not least, a discovery that Sydnerella and I made at the Antique Mall where we then chased each other around making scary growly noises.

Merry Fucking Christmas. RAWR.


  1. The guy w/his phone stuck in his earmuffs is hilarious and I cracked up equally as loud about your cat watching TV. Hang in there, 2010 is almost over.

  2. Mine is bigger....

    not that size really matter with bald spots....

    just saying....*snicker*

    and I guess that would put a whole new meaning on the rub & tug thing Eh!!!!!


    hang in there it is almost over..

  3. The sooner 2011 gets here, the sooner it will be time for you and I to sleep in the same bed again, and get drunk, and talk about sex, and all that other fun and nasty stuff we get to do once a year! I heart ya bitch!

  4. Right there with ya sista...2009 was bad 2010 damn near killed me but...we are tough and we will make it...can't wait to see ya in July!!!