Sunday, September 25, 2011


Silly Sally just called me in sheer terror and panic, apologizing like crazy, begging me not to be mad, she did something so bad she was scared to tell me. Finally, she calmed down enough to ask me if it was possible to delete a blog. In particular, one of MY blog posts. Or, my whole blog actually. Why the fuck would I want to delete my blog? Because someone might have caught wind of it who I didn't want to? Well ... who cares, so I swear a lot. So I talk about my sex life. Uh ... talk dirty stuff worse than even my regular sex life .... Stuff that I'd really hope people wouldn't continue reading if they weren't comfortable reading it. And if they did and were offended or judgmental, too bad. Unless it's my dad!

So if you're wondering why I'm making you jump through so many hoops to read my blog that I don't even write in much anymore, it's because my sister, Silly Sally sent our dad the link to my blog by mistake. Or maybe it wasn't really by mistake. Maybe it's because she thinks I'm his favorite and she found a way to fix that. Anyhow, I'm pretty sure I've done enough damage control that he'll never get in to read what a skank his daughter can be, but just in case, this is my last plea ... Dad, if you managed to find your way into my blog, I'm telling you, it's in your best interest if you just close the blog and pretend it doesn't exist. Seriously.

To that end, if I ever get back into this blogging that I was so happy to start two years ago, I'll clean it up. A little. Fuck and shit and all those other fun four-letter words wont be included in my little clean up. So more like a de-whoring. Maybe. We'll see.


  1. LMAO! I think your sister was out to get you. ;)

    Your Dad should be proud of his opinionated, strong, well spoken daughter! (Okay, Dad--maybe you should just close the browser and pretend this never happened!)


  2. Bwhahahaha. I totally understand this. I censor EVERYTHING that goes on my blog because I was dumb and told people I know IRL that it exists. Good luck to ya and thanks for inviting me!

    Dad- seriously, click the "x" and never return. Thanks and love ya!

  3. YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LMBO.... I would hate for my KIDS to find mine!!!



  4. EEK! That's why there are lots of things that don't get said on my blog. But it's not me talking about me... it would be me talking about others! ack.