Thursday, March 10, 2011

just stalk them until they come to you

So I'm sitting here doing what I normally do about once a week at lunch ... getting to know reading my favorite blogger over at Mental Poo, Moooooog35. And by favorite blogger I mean the dude who writes the funniest blog I've ever read who I was planning on marrying once I got around to figuring out how. 1. Because I know he's on the market. and 2. He makes me pee my pants. Given my current relationship status, this is exactly what I'm looking for. It's been going on for several months now, maybe even close to a year, so I started doing what every other woman does when they find the person they're going to marry and started stalking him. Well, I mean just reading his blog, twitter, mapquesting the drive from my house to his, and most recently watching his youtube vids. I stopped short of friending him on facebook just in case my "limited profile" facebook friends found their way to my blog and that really wouldn't be a good thing. Especially my 13 year old ... even though I did include her on a list of contacts who got this text from me last night:

Can you do me a favor and text me back? My friends don't think special ed kids can text, but you'll show those fuckers!

I really don't want her reading about why her momma sometimes has no vagina hair and gives a mean hand job. End of story.

Back to the point of todays and my weekly rendevous at Mental Poo. Just minutes after posting my last comment on my fiance's blog Mental Poo, my blackberry light starts flashing. It's a friend request on facebook. From Moooooog35 @ Mental Poo..... So I'm either not doing a very good job keeping facebook or youtube separate from my dirty blog. Or my stalkee has become my stalker. Or maybe ... maybe Moooooog35 digs me. Or at the very least, wants a hand job. Anyway, I have to get a move on ...

(because I just received this message from my sister and have to call her to ask what the fuck: Tyler just broke our neighbours back windshield by throwing frozen FUC&?$G turkey at it!)

... Moooooog35 is a bit of a celebrity to me, he makes me laugh pretty damn hard, has recently told me he hearts me on youtube, and actually knows I exist. I remember this feeling from seventh grade when the cutest boy asked me out ... only, when it happened back then, it was publicly announed that it was a big fat joke after I said yes. So, no, I guess it's not the same ... Here's hoping ....


  1. LMAO @ "just stalk them until they come to you"...

    That will either work or get you arrested!!!

    He IS very funny!!!


  2. Not sure what is worse...

    becoming the stalked instead of the stalker.

    or having your 13 year old find out you have no vaginal hair.... the hand jobs are ok cause Clinton firmly established plausible dependability for any other type of sex other than the missionary style....

    just saying.....

  3. Hmmmm I shall check him out! Might turn me.