Wednesday, March 2, 2011

ramblings from a continuing ed classroom

I got 72% on my open book exam last week. Open book! Obviously, I have problems. I normally love learning about anything related to the oil patch, but it's getting hard. And I'm getting bored. I'm dreading school tomorrow because of the really boring instructor. He's not the usual guy, the funny guy. I just may skip. And this is why:

(copied word for word from my last class after doodling wasn't even keeping me awake)

Learning Crap Related to my Job

Yawn. Repeatedly. Am I in the right classroom? These people look familiar. I've been in oil & gas a long time and I have never heard of what's coming out of this dudes mouth. Wait .... he just said something about being suspicious. And I am. Very.

I've never yawned in class. Even in high school. You don't yawn in your sleep silly. Until today, right now, which is why I am writing this. Holy shit. He just said "holy shit". I looked up to the projector and he's right. Holy shit. A million dollar mistake that will make the auditors happy. The fuck?!

There are 12 students in class today. About half the usual size. It's minus 85 degrees today, my faux husband leaves tomorrow, and I really wish I was part of the other half of the class right now.

I did choose to take these classes, hell, I even paid for them in advance hoping I pass so my company pays me back. One thing's for sure ... If I am ever faced w/ this crap on the job, I will walk away ... oooh diagrams ...

Why is it that the only person who asks questions in class is the one with the thickest accent? My opinion is that she wouldn't need to ask so many questions if she knew English. Just sayin ... christ, here she goes again. Quite entertaining when the instructor attempts to answer.

Speaking of accents ... I sit in the back row, which gives me a disturbing view of the bald spot on the back of this good looking guys head. He has a sexy and exotic accent. Why isn't he asking the questions? Why isn't he teaching the class?

"If ya can't draw it in a picture, ya wont know what yer talkin about" .... huh!?

I just raised my hand to a "how many of you ..." question. I am such a nerd. I wonder how many times I can yawn before I offend this guy? And again, without the diagram, I'm "kinda hooped"  ... His meaning of "hooped" is a little different than mine me thinks.

I've been in oil & gas longer than mostly everyone in this current class and I am certain they have no clue what the fuck he's talking about either. I'm flipping through my binder and writing these ramblings furiously, I must look really damn smart.

The more questions accent-lady asks, the longer we sit here. Wonder if anyone else want to throw shit at her? Guess that groan from across the room answers my question. I snorted out loud to that. I am finding it humorous that every time I stop writing and try to pay attention, I yawn. Back to my work of art. 90 minutes to go ...

Good christ, I lied. Glory, hallelujah, etc. "Any questions?" he asks. People are shoving their books into bags. Say a word bitch and they wont find your body.


  1. You need to get out more!!!!LOL

    just saying. :o)