Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy July-Long ....

The short version of everything since last checking in .... Including pictures because I'm seriously short on stories and words. Last week Sydnerella turned 14. She finished grade eight, soccer ended (miserably after starting undefeated), and I wrote my final exam. Sydneralla was mistaken for a 21 year old on her birthday, so I'm sure I have a few more grey hairs, some of them nipple, I was given an inhaler because I can't breath very well all the time, I tried to quit smoking but decided after 24 hours that wasn't going to work for me. My stomach continues to grow because I am a potato chip and french vanilla coffee cream addict, and I continue to see T-Bone once every two weeks for lazy sex, a movie, and take out food. I really don't care what's going on with us right now because my head is still in a weird place and because he bought me this for my birthday .... 
As little as I care about brands and accessories, I sure do love Coach bags. And I love LOVE this purse.

I've mowed my lawn twice since I took this pic .... The first mow-job took 45 minutes and I almost passed out. It was literally a jungle and I don't think I even have grass in the back anymore, it's think weed type grass. Whatever.

Sydnerella asked what she could do around the house for extra money. I was due for my cleaners to come in anyway, so I gave her a list longer than anything I've ever done myself, and she did at all. Then told me it wasn't so bad and I should just clean the house myself. I told her to zip the lip, get to work, and handed over $40 when she was done.

A bird shit on my living room window.

After spending $915 to get my drivers license and my registration renewed since January 1, I got fucking pulled over 2 weeks ago. I was going 13kms over the speed limit, seriously bullshit. That's like 6mph for you American folk, serious waste of $115 and a demerit.

I sent a Happy Fathers Day text to Aunt Crazy's Uncle Bubba and got this reply: "Thanks. Send naked pics". So I sent this ...
He said he sure hopes that's my arm or else I have a hairy ass. He's a 36 hour drive away and refuses to fly, so I guess he'll never know.

I was out having a smoke before my exam last Thursday, when I saw this ....
This being an elderly east Indian woman sleeping on the vent in my building lobby with both shoes off, holding one leg up behind her back. I have no fucking idea.

And finally, last Friday was Canada Day. Every Canada Day for the last 5 years have been spent at the horse races. A combination of great friends, sunshine, beer gardens, and losing a ton of money because I only bet on the horses whose names I like. I had all intentions of taking a few blackberry pics to do up a good blog of the weekend, but this is all I ended up with. I'm a brunette if you're wondering.


  1. I think this is the best random update post I've read. Ever. :)

  2. Excellent. Thoroughly enjoyed the last pic and the Indian woman.

  3. Uncle Bubba is a pervert LMFAO he's always asking to see nekkid pics of my friends, WTF is up with that???