Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Class, Las Vegas style

Ahhh Tuesday ... not really much I want to say about this particular Tuesday, except that it's True Story Tuesday here on blogger and that means if you're reading this, there are several more stories over at Once Upon A Miracle that will probably make you smile. I'm not writing a new True Story ... I am yet again recycling an old blog (thanks again Kmama). My mind is at full capacity right now with 2 "issues" and I'm being lazy. I was up until 1am in deep relationship talk with T-Bone, and by deep I mean me trying to express some concerns I have and him responding with #1. "I wish everyone would just bottle things up the way I do". and #2. "You have to entice me by dancing at the foot of the bed!" .... And the second issue is internet people related which has, yet again, left me wondering if I was in the wrong for speaking my mind ... maybe I should take T-Bone's advice and just keep things bottled up. I can shake my head and flip the bird to the computer screen all I want and nobody needs to know. Except maybe those who can see me at work, but I can talk my way out of that I'm sure .... So not to get myself more irritated with the thoughts of last night's conversation that didn't go as planned and crap I've read from grown ass women today that I no longer want in my life (or on my facebook I should say), I'm taking you to one of my favorite times, the weekend that I turned 28, when my ass hit the pavement on the Las Vegas Strip ...

May 2007
I‘m coming out of one of the hotels on the strip (didn‘t remember which hotel until I saw the pics when we got home .... it was the Excalibur and I'm only assuming this because there's a pic of me groping an armour clad statue). It’s late, it's hot and I see a sprinkler. Running off margaritas, jello shooters, and pizza pretzels, I make a mad dash for the water (to cool off??) First flip-flopped foot down on the wet pavement and it's out from under me. First thing to hit the ground? My left hip .. and I got some weight on these hips, it wasn't a delicate fall I can assure you. I went down! My pride was bruised (until I pounded back another margarita) and 2 days later, so was my body. My entire (and did I mention before - BIG) hip and my arm (the arm that was, no doubt, holding up my cigarette because heaven forbid I sacrifice a Marlboro menthol to break this fall) is sore. My kidney area is sore too, but I'm thinking that's not a result of the fall, but indeed an after-effect of what caused the fall, which I also have an explanation for.


  1. HAHAHAHAHA...you need to email me about this "deep" convo you and T-bone had...

  2. Oops! Hmm, I'm sad to say that I've had many of those moments... and I don't even need alcohol to be clumsy. ;)

  3. Hahaha- Love hubby's response #1: Why can't everyone keep things bottled up inside like I do. Bawahahahahahaha!

    And I've had falls like that and they HURT!

  4. T-Bone sounds like my kinda guy...LOL

  5. Oh ouch! Isn't it awful when you friends are kind enough to capture those moments on film for ya?

    And I need to go wake my dear husband up and ask him just exactly what he meant by that comment...?

  6. Oh man, I've done one of those complete flops on the ground. Bruised from head to toe. That is NOT fun.