Wednesday, November 11, 2009

WTF Wednesday

So I spent the last 15 minutes or so gathering pics for WTF Wednesday when I came across one that hits close to home, so I thought I'd share my little story

First, the pic:

Now, the story:

T-Bone and I were spending a low key Saturday night together. We planned to stop at Pizza Hut, place our order for take out, hit the video store to grab our DVD's, then back to Pizza Hut to pick up our order. Unfortunately, the closest Pizza Hut has been known to have THE worst service of any other place in the NE. Literally, I've had people at our table get doused with chocolate milk, complete orders forgot, uncooked pizza brought to our table, and have even been left seated once without ever having anyone come back to take our order. But, I was craving the Pizza Hut and you know how it is when you get a craving .... We decided to take our chance, and hey, take out surely couldn't be as bad as eating in. Well Pizza Hut proved that to be wrong and hit a new low that night ..... I stood in line with T-Bone for close to 5 minutes before we got to the counter. Dine-in guests paid, delivery guys picked up their orders, and the stupid people in the back scratched their asses. I'm guessing. Finally, after the place cleared out, we got to the counter to place our order. The woman taking the order (we’ll call her Empty Between the Ears) listens to us rattle off our whole order before informing us of something so-very-important. Now remember, we're at Pizza Hut, so we ordered - along with salad & wings - pizza! The so-very-important information Empty Between the Ears forgot to tell us when we walked in the door was that Pizza Hut was out of dough!!! How do you even respond to that? I believe our reaction was just to stare at her for a moment, then ask "Are you kidding?", then look at each other, then back at her to ask again, "Really?”. Empty Between the Ears confirmed that we heard her right, they were out of dough, but assures us they will have more dough tomorrow! Not in an hour, or later than evening, but tomorrow. Great lady, thanks. This wasn't like when I waited for way too long at A&W after ordering poutine only to be informed that they were out of gravy, which didn’t leave me too happy either, but at least it's something you can understand. I can understand a place running out of condiments or garnishes, hell even the syrup for their pop machines. But Pizza Hut running out of dough?! That's like McDonalds running out of french fries, Subway running out of buns, or Outback running out of steak. You close the damn doors for the night because no further service is worth it. Or at the very, very least, you put a sign at the damn doors so your customers aren't waiting in line for 5 minutes knowing what they are going to order and knowing they aren't getting it. And to make Empty Between the Ears confirm to us that she was supremely empty between the ears, she asked if we would still like our salad and wings! I shit you not. That was a total WTF moment and finding this pic made me laugh out loud remembering it.


  1. Hahaha, you totally reminded me of a Pizza Hut story. One time, years ago, Mister Sister and I (were you with us??)went to Pizza Hut for supper. We were so hungry, when the za was delivered we dug in with a vengence. All of a sudden there was this horrified look on Mister Sister's face as she was digging something out of her mouth. There was a huge and I mean huge piece of flour bag baked into the crust! I can't remember if we kept eating, or if the pizza was replaced, but will forever remember the look on your sister's face...hahah!

  2. I wonder why they didn't just put a handwritten note on the door??? weird!!!

  3. omg, I absolutely remember that ladydee. Not sure if I was there, or if I was there when you call came home from dinner, but I remember Mr Sister and the piece flour bag.

  4. That is hilarious!! I can't believe they stayed open!!