Friday, November 6, 2009

little letters

Happy Friday, it's time for

Letters of Intent

brought to us by Foursons.

Dear crazy lady who sent an e-mail out accusing someone in the office of stealing the soil from you plant,

You're weird and the cleaners probably knocked your plant over and vacuumed up the mess. My guess is that nobody stole your soil. Because really, why would anyone do that?

Dear shady man that sold me a red blackberry out of your backpack with the cops standing behind us,

I hope you get this browswer enabled & the phone registered like you said you would. And if not, I hope you're a nice shady man that agrees to give my money back. I know this sounds unlikely, but I don't have buckets of money laying around the house and I feel dumb enough for going ahead and buying the phone when I decided you looked shady, but it doesn't mean I deserve to be ripped off.

Dear Bell mobility,

I hate you and all you stand for.

Dear Sydnerella

I saw what you did to clean you're room and I don't feel sorry for you that you can't find your iPod. Maybe, just maybe it's in the 2 foot high pile of crap in your closest that used to be all over your bedroom. Sorry, can't & wont help you out. Love you.

Dear time wasted (aka Sydnerella's dad),

I actually kinda hope that Sydnerella did lose her iPod because you are a real POS for buying it for her. Sure she may have loved you for it at the time, but she's on to you, don't kid yourself. I appreciated though that after I told you I had just spent over five billion dollars on school fees, school clothes, and soccer fees & equip, not to mention everything I paid for all summer, including oh, I don't know ...buying my house that you decided an iPod was so necessary, even though there are 3 mp3 players kickin around that Sydneralla was more than happy using. I'm glad that you have finally learnt to prioritize. She still likes me better btw. Oh and I did not appreciate the drunken call I got from you the other day asking if we can "hook up for a session" ... yuck!

Dear Friday, coffee, and free breakfast,

How I love you so.


  1. W.O.W.

    All I can say is... my coffee stuff just finished washing in the dishwasher, and after reading that, I will drink one FOR you b/c you DESERVE it, even if you don't LIKE it, I will pretend that you do and that I'm doing you a favor.

    (loved your post!)

    I'm *originally from BC but livin' in the hell on earth called TX (for all it's heat)

    *actually originally from Idaho, but lived in BC from 2-20yrs.

  2. OMG! He DID NOT ask for a Booty Call!! LOLOL Men..

  3. HAHA!! I am guessing you are no longer with Synderella's dad? LOL

  4. Woohoo thanks for being my 8th follower Big Mama Cass ... I should probably clarify that I did not name my daughter Sydnerella. I kinda change her name now though to embarass the shit out of her ... "do the dishes, mop the floors Sydnerelly .... rofl

    My reply to his booty call was to ask him how things were with his new gf, well not new, they've been together 3 years ... should I be flattered that he probably still thinks of me when he's with her?? bahahahaha

  5. You bad ass with EIGHT followers...woohooo!!!

    Move to Texas to be near's hot and he'll never find you!

    I hope the crackberry gets hooked up right and SOON!

  6. Seriously cracking up over the lady who thinks someone stole the dirt out of her plant. Bahahahaha!

    And what happened to the guy who sold you the phone? Did the cops come running with guns blazing? Was it a scene right out of the movies? How exciting!

    I don't blame you one bit for not helping to look for the IPOD. Sometimes kids have just got to learn things the hard way.

    And are you kidding me? A booty call! Hey sperm donor. Guess what- NO!

    Thanks for linking up- your letters are fantastic!

  7. "hook up for a session" ugh *shudder* *barf*

    how does any guy think that is sexy?