Monday, September 13, 2010

mobile upload Monday

How can I start my own meme? I think this is a great idea now that we are living in a time where there's a camera built in to pretty much every electronic device we carry around. Before I had my crackberry, I never thought of taking random pics of shit while I go about my day. My old cell phone is full of pictures of Trooper, Kid Rock, and Rod Stewart from their concerts, and a bunch of my cat. I love my cat. But as I scrolled through my pics Saturday evening to show a screaming two year old in attempt to shut him up, I realized just how much fun I've had with my blackberry camera. Aside from finding several pics that a screaming two year old snotty pizza crusted lip kissed of my cat (I love my cat AND my 13 year old), hermit crabs, ducks, geese, monkeys, I found enough pics that I've taken to keep myself thoroughly entertained. In the last few weeks, it's been hard to feel even close to happy, but I smiled at these pics big and it's time to show them to the world ... or to my 57 followers. Heart you all.


Phew! What a relief ...

Bad pic, but still makes me laugh. Phil Helmuth throwing yet another tantrum after getting knocked out of the WSOP by "the worst poker player in history"

Another bad pic, but it's Green Peace here to save us and our province. The sign reads "Separate Oil and State" and what you also can't see are the people that are blowing in the wind under the sign in harnesses and shorts on one of the coldest days of summer trying to hold the sign steady. I feel no guilt for working in oil and gas, as I already learnt, God is not mad at me


I love my cat

My daughter didn't get her fabulous skin tone and ability to tan vs burn from me. I am jealous, it's sad. This was after a week of camping

When you find yourself driving behind this on a Monday when you are still an hour from work, it's pretty much guaranteed you're going to have a shitty day

After 14 vodka cokes, when your shoes fall apart, it doesn't really matter (note: this is not me ... I am taking the pics, silly)

After 14 vodka cokes, it also doesn't matter what you're pulling out of your purse and how many people are staring. Even the couple with the 10 year old kid beside us. We found them INSIDE the restaurant shortly after this, and all the falling, and all the girl/girl kissing, and all the penis talk, fuck bombs, C bombs. But seriously, a patio in downtown Calgary on one of the only sunny days of summer? Leave the kids at home people ... this is ADULT time

My cat loves Tim Hortons Chili. I love my cat

Uber-bad pic, but my point is that mothers are always right. Snotty 13 year old girls that are throwing a fucking fit because they can't find their DS anywhere and their mothers lost it, even though they were told repeatedly to look under all couches, beds, futons are always wrong. The pic is supposed to be of the DS that was lost forever at the most important time of Sydnerella's life, that *I* found sitting right under her futon where there was absolutely nothing concealing it after she swore up and down she looked EVERYWHERE so *I* must have lost it. The is evidence that I am always right ... sucka

Purple camo courier. Matching hat, pants, and BELLY SHIRT. Yes, this is a dude

Just a pic of Synderella and I coming to the finish line of the Mothers Day run and walk

And I had to save the best for last ....
Fucking creepy dude that stares at you when you pee at the pub where my soccer team drinks. I didn't even notice him until AFTER I peed. Turned around to flush and was face to face with buddy. Eee so icky, and yet I couldn't stop staring ..

So that was fun, I'll keep my eyes peeled and crackberry ready for more and try to make this a regular Monday blog. If anyone reading this knows how I can make a meme, all education is appreciated ....


  1. The thought of that creepy guy staring at me while I pee is, well, creepy. I have the chills now, thank you.


    All you gotta do is start it, others will follow along...

  3. How did you get a pic of me in the bathroom?