Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My face is stuffed

Not the same way I stuffed my face with turkey on December 25 ... mmmm turkey ... my face is now stuffed with something a little less appetizing and extremely annoying. My face is stuffed with phlegm. And I can't get it out no matter how hard I hork ... yes, I said hork. I tried a hot steamy shower ... but after 5 minutes was barely warm because I wasn't paying attention to how long T-Bone showered for and he drained the hot water tank before I could build up any steam. But it was an attempt none the less and it didn't work. I have been gargling with salt water and when my hot water tank filled up again, I kneeled for 10 minutes infront of my bathroom sink with a towel over my head and the hot water running. Kneeling on my bathroom floor and trying to hork ... sexy! And the day before New Years Eve .... absolute and utter bullshit. Even more-so because the same damn thing happened last year and I swear to god, it happened the same damn day. I  spent last New Years Eve at T-Bone's condo curled up in a chair in front of his TV with a glass of wine watching hockey games and texting all my friends who were out having a fabulous time ringing in the New Year begging me to chug some meds, ditch the sweat pants, and meet them for a celebratory shooter .. or 5. But I didn't and I was too sick to care ... well, that and the fact that T-Bone made an unbelievable comment that I thought was worth a fight. My bad? I don't think so ...

So what in the world did I do to deserve this again? I was already sick ... sometime in Novemer? Can't remember, but give me a break. It was bad enough that I felt like shit 6 hours after posting my last blog o blues when I learned that T-Bone's family had put their 13 year old and very loved dog down. My Christmas blues seemed like garbage after that. I had a house full of love and happiness and presents galore, and 2 days later, a flu that hit me so hard I didn't know what to do with myself. 48 hours later, I'm left with a slight headache and a face full of snot! And I'm pissed right off. I work full time with only 3 weeks vacation after 10 years in. And I've had a long year ... a great year, but a long year. More things have changed in my life in 2009 than in the 4 years before combined and not only have I earned this 10 days off work as a functioning human being, I earned the right to celebrate tomorrow night. If not at a bar with my good friends dancing, drinking, celebrating, having a good ol time preparing for the following couch and gatorade day, then at least, at the very friggin least, in bed with T-Bone without him avoiding me so not to breathe in my infected air ... hell, we don't even have to face each other, there are ways around that ya know, even a pillow over the face ... his or mine, I'm not picky. Really.


  1. Jimminy Christmas. I already typed this out once and then it disappeared. Or I am seriously drunk at 2:20pm, and it just may be so...

    You need a vactaion and a snot pot. I really don't remember the REAL name of 'em. But you use a tiny tea pot with salty water and lean over the sink and pour it into one nostril while it washes all the "junk" out of the other nostril. It sounds like it might work, people swear it does, but I like the whine and wait it out method, myself. NOTHING goes up my nose unless it's my finger.

    Hope you are already feeling ACES!!

  2. Sorry you have the rotten snot going on. It was GREAT that you drunk called me on New Year's Eve and talking to T-bone was full of the awesome! Get well soon and happy new year!!! I heart you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. P.S. I gave you a blog award...go check out my blog!!!