Friday, January 8, 2010

I heart Aunt Crazy

I typed this up Monday and have been waiting all week to publish it. I decided to wait for Julies Letters of Intent so that everyone knows just how great my friend is. Click on the button to read more letters.

Letters of Intent

Dear Aunt Crazy,

I'm pretty sure I told you this before but I am soooo happy that I was reading whatever articles you were on MSN Womens Central way back then in 2000-ish. You have been a bigger part of my life than most people I know in person and I consider myself the luckiest lil Canadian girl in the world to have crossed paths with you (and all of m&p really .... even those who I don't see eye to eye with ... but this is about you, not them .....) I can't imagine parts of my life had I not met you, hell I almost think I'd be sitting in my low income townhouse waiting for Time Wasted to come home with his pay cheque complaining to my internet friends about what an ass he is if it wasn't for you all. I give you a lot of credit for where I am today, and so does my family (Mr Sister in particular has given you a shout out) ... ever since the Texas Easter Bunny visited, I felt that I deserved more out of life than that bullshit I always struggled with. And I'm still thrilled that Sydney got to meet you, she hearts you too and always says "Ya'll" when I talk about going to Texas.

You are the most sincere, kind, real, and funny as hell Crazy Bitch south of the border and if I ever hit this damn lotto, I'm retiring to Texas (as a matter of fact, I'd probably just buy the house in Seguin and maybe shack up with Jimmy ... was that his name??) Thanks for screaming for help when I just about bit it in the Comal River and everything else you've done for me as my Friend - including turning me on to Blogger ... I have 11 followers in a few short months and have now been awarded a Circle of Friends Award. Get those speakers workin, I'll be there in about 7 months... (and as long you keep me away from the Petrone and off Youporn, I promise to let you sleep with me ....)


  1. Wow, what a great letter! And you happen to speak of some of my stomping ground in this letter. If you do make it down here again, you must tell me. I'm always up for a trip on the Comal! I'm glad you have found such a wonderful person in Aunt Crazy (despite her name hahaha).

    Thanks for linking up and thanks so much for waiting for my Letters of Intent to post it and link up with me. You're awesome!

  2. And what a great gal to bring you to the blog! I told her the other day that the only problem I had with her was that she didn't post nearly enough...I've never met her but I heart her too. She's the reason I started following you...another reason to like her. Can't wait to read more!

  3. Aww, that is sweet!! It's so great to have friends like that!!

  4. And to think some people look at me like I'm crazy when I talk about making a road trip to meet my bloggy friends.
    Gee, some of them are closer to me than my in-real-life ones! :) Glad you guys had a great time!

  5. Stacy, you made me cry at work but I heart you anyway. Thank you. Thank you for hearting me back and all the nice things you said about me and even though it's cool that we have so many pics together, I hate seeing myself in pics LOL! I'll see in you about 5 short months right there at OUR house in Seguin, TX my friend!