Friday, January 15, 2010

Pants on the Ground

Happy Friday boys and girls. My favorite thing about Friday is that we can dress casually at the office. Ok, thats my second favorite thing. My favorite being treat day,  because who doesn't love a free breakfast? But on casual fridays, the men sometimes wear hoodies. Runners, jeans, hoodies. And I'm a sucker for a man in a hoodie. My faux-husband almost scored me last night for sure when he picked me up wearing a hoodie (well he's from Saskatchewan so it's a bunnyhug to him). But it's seriously like an aphrodisiac to me, doesn't really matter what the dude wearing it looks like ... hell, it could be a woman that just looks like a dude wearing a hoodie and I'm checkin that out. Another great part abou Friday is it's time for Letters of Intent over at Foursons blog. Mine is simple and quick today, don't want to miss that free breakfast ....

Letters of Intent

Dear Larry Platt,

Good on ya. You funny, man

Dear American Idol,

Thanks for the laughs.


  1. HAHA! Pants on the ground was hilarious! My kids were singing it all day after watching Idol.

  2. That is funny. I like that Simon is the only one not laughing. He is such a grouch!

  3. That song was hilarious and I was nodding my head the whole time agreeing with everything he was singing. Simon was right, it will be a hit one day!

  4. Just wanted to tell you, your comment about throwing the cat up in the tree just to get the firemen to respond was my favorite...

  5. I don't watch American Idol but I have to admit.. that is pretty funny and I'm sure it will def be a hit one day.

    Stopping by from the Foursons!