Monday, January 11, 2010

Sunday failed me and now I'm back at work

This picture pretty much sums up my Sunday, but I found it after I wrote all this and I'm not deleting all my hard work now ....

I teetered on the edge of insanity yesterday and by about 3pm, I wished I hadn't even left my house. People who crossed my path don't know how lucky they are that they made it home safely, how close they were to meeting their painful demise. All over stupid little shit, but a handful of stupid little shits and before I knew it, I was treading in a bunch of shit. And when I got home and decided I needed to get good & drunk to erase all the shit, I realized there wasn't enough alcohol in the house to make me feel better about the day ... or the last 10 days really. So I started on a big ass pot of spaghetti. Now, not to brag, but I make a mean pot of spaghetti and I'm always happy when I'm eating it. Anyway, the reason I left the house to begin with was to "get stuff done", stuff that should have been done sooner, stuff that would have been done sooner HAD I NOT BEEN SICK FOR 2 GODDAM MOTHER F-ING WEEKS!!!!!! Normally, I am ok with being sick ... sick means work doesn't want you to go in, sick means you get to sit your ass on your couch all damn day and not feel guilty. You get to order your kids around more than usual and they can see it in your face ... they wouldn't dare say No because they know you'll throw them out the window and lock the doors if they do. You get to trade in laundry, soccer, and cooking, for the comforts of your favorite couch blankey, a pair of sweat pants, the remote control, and Nyquil. When I look at it that way, I see no better way to spend a free day off work. BUT .... but, when I've worked my ass off all 2009 just to reach December 24 and get a whole week off work for free just to come down with a friggin cough, cold, pig flu, pneumonia, whatever I had that just wont go away ... that's where I draw the line. Fuck the couch, I'd rather be at work! So, when yesterday arrived and I knew I only had that day to "get shit done", I wanted that shit done!! I got up just after 9am (which bit me in the ass this morning with the whole 5 hours sleep I was able to get), watched a movie, popped on the computer for a bit, then left the house (wearing probably the same clothes I'd been wearing all weekend). First stop: Walmart. I had an alarm clock (without a radio .. wtf?) and a cheap ugly tree topper to return. The sun is shining, the snow is melting, there's no line up at customer service, tasty Tim Hortons double double in hand .. today will be a good day! Even after leaving Walmart with the alarm clock and ugly tree topper still in hand because my time to exchange both had passed, I assumed there was still hope (notice how I used the word 'assumed' and you know what happens when you assume something don't you?), and hey, it was only a $20 return. And if you saw the increasing size of my gut, you'd know that I'm not starving for that $20. At any rate - FAIL. Back in the car for stop #2 ...Winners, my favorite of all favorite stores (to make another $20 worth of returns because I have a bad of habit of buying things that I don't need or want). These returns were successful, but because the line up at customer service was so long, I decided to kill some time shopping ... another $120 worth of purchases. Normally, I'd have had buyers remorse ... but not this time. I figured with being cooped up in my house for so long not spending much money that I don't really have anyway because it was just Christmas, I deserved some new clothes. And since I'm not losing weight like I'd hoped, I better buy some pants that I can actually button up. And the sun is still out, the snow is still melting, it's still a great day. Back in the car, over to stop #3 ... The mall to exchange a pair of shoes for Australia (this is my daughters new nickname and we prefer it over Sydnerella ... actually, she never liked Sydnerella to begin with, so her name's now Australia). They didn't have her size, but whatever, I'd get the cash back and go buy them somewhere else (because I made 100% sure I could get cash back when I bought them if they needed to be returned). However, I was ONE day late and they couldn't (wouldn't?) do cash back ... exchange only! Then they proceeded to show me other shoes and colours that I could get instead. Umm yeah, that will go over well ... me picking out a pair of shoes for a 12 year old that is so particular about her fashion that she wont wear socks unless they don't match ... they had to be the NAVY Converse ... not the BLUE Converse ... NAVY! Fine ... I put a pair on order and will exchange them when they come in. Whatever, FAIL. Up the mall to stop #4. La Senza. Now I don't really like La Senza, but I have a gift card and better use it before it expires. I refuse to spend $36 on a bra (gift card or not), but I find 2 pretty nighties on clearance. I'm not normally a fan of nighties, but I'm not really paying for them and I figure I better spice at least something up since T-Bone is having a hard time even touching me lately ... sigh ... and I stand in line for close to five minutes only to be told that the gift card wasn't activated properly and I'd have to call customer service ... I'D have to call customer service. So I walked away while the sales lady tried to ask if I still wanted the nighties ... HELL NO! Like I said, I don't really like La Senza, I'm not paying out of my own pocket for a meager attempt at regaining T-Bone's lust for me .... FAIL. At this point, I'm losing steam. Defeat is closing in. One more gift card in hand, so I head over to stop #5. The only shoe store that I've found a pair of decent all-purpose work shoes at in months. My current pair of shoes broke ... did not wear out ... broke. I can hear and feel the clicking of whatever it is that broke under my right foot and I need a new pair of shoes big time. My day seemed like it was getting brighter when I noticed that the shoes I fell in love with were on sale for half price. I repeat, my day SEEMED like it was getting brighter ... but in keeping with the theme of the day, the store didn't have my size. And trust me, it look all of my self restraint to keep me from putting my fist through the sales girls face when she told me she had them in size 11 after I asked her for a 7 in a tone that made me wonder if she wanted me to at least think about getting the 11's. So, for the fourth damn time ... FAIL. Sunday won, I lost. I sulked back to my car, and even though I had planned to take my car to Auto Value so they can hook it up to some diagnostics machine that would tell me why my check engine light is on, I decided I probably end up beating that poor worker to a bloody pulp if he came back with some bad news, so I lit a cigarette and drove back to my end of town where I still had to do weeks worth of grocery shopping. My day did turn around when my fabulous spaghetti was done, and I actually found the motivation to take the Christmas tree down, finish some laundry, and watch a movie with Australia .. and lucky for her, I didn't even feel the need to throw her out the window when she told me at 9pm that she had homework ....

**Post blog update: Ironically, as today wears on, and as much as yesterday sucked, waking up at 6 this morning, putting a bra and make up on, battling the north east drivers through rush hour, paying $25 for parking, and not getting to poop in the comfort of my own bathroom kinda seems like a bad trade off now. I miss Rusty, I miss Bailey's in my coffee, I miss Facebook and PokerStars, I miss my big comfy pants and slippers, and I miss my movie stations .... Is it 4 o'clock yet?

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  1. If you went back to work that must mean you are well and I'm glad you are well, I was so worried! Sorry that Sunday won, but I wish I had been invited to dinner...LOL! I hope Monday shapes up to be a much better day than Sunday!!!