Tuesday, January 26, 2010

conversations with my textaholic

My true story today is a little different. It's very short, but made me laugh. Just to set the stage .... Australia is 12 years old. She's had a cell phone for 3 years and has just crossed the 7000 texts per month mark ... Oh yes she did! Two weeks ago while at work, I got a call from Australia. She tells me quickly and quietly that the teacher caught her texting in class and wants to talk to me. 47 texts in less than an hour. I tell the teacher that really explains a lot since there were 7000 texts on her phone bill last month and I was kinda wondering how she was getting all that texting in when she's in class 30 hours a week, playing soccer two and a half hours a week, in the shower about three hours a week, and sleeping about 64 hours a week. It all makes sense to me now. I asked the teacher if she was taking the phone away, she said "No". Her bad. I told her I'd handle it and thanked her for the call. Australia was given a warning - No texting in class! .... or else! Scene set? Ok, so this is the short story from last Friday ....

Text received from Australia: Can we go to Chapters tonight?

Before I even hit reply, I look at the time. It's 11:15am. Hmmm, lunch isn't for another 45 minutes and locker break was at 11 ....

Text sent to Australia: Are you texting in class?

I wait for a quick reply .... nothing.

Finally .... Text received from Australia: Noooo (that was conveniently at 12:05pm)

With all honesty, I didn't really care to do anything about it. How awful of a mother am I?

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  1. I'm such a horrible, mean mom I would have CALLED her right then and there to see if she was texting. Even if she had it on vibrate it would have still made a little noise. See, I'm a mean mom. I would definitely have been laughing while I did it, but still a mean mom. muahahahahaha!

  2. okay...what does it say about me---32 year old woman---when I had 7000+texts in a month...yeah..I have a problem :)

  3. I always texted in class. I just never got caught. But 7000 text I can't even send that many and I send a lot.

  4. WOW... that is one popular chick to have 7000 texts in a month. I mean, I can't even TALK on the phone, so I do a lot of texting - duly impressed.

    Love her timing, hee hee.

  5. Boykid and Girlkid have about 10,000-15,000 texts EACH every month...LOL

    IF they get their phones taken at school THEY have to pay the $15 fee to get it back. If I have to pay it for them, they have to scrub toilets to "pay me back" and I pay $1 per toilet, so they scrub 15 times before they are out of my debt.

  6. Holy crap. that is INSANE. I'm going to be a crazy mom when my kids get older. But of course, by then, it won't be texting. It will be something else.