Tuesday, May 17, 2011

what's worse than being stood up for a date?

Having a dude leave in the middle of a date!

I'll back up, but not too much because there'd be 19 years to cover off here and I just don't have that kind of time, as you can tell with my random blogger drop ins. Those who miss me will be happy to hear that the cable guy is coming Saturday to fix up our internet and I have discovered how to go on the net in privacy mode, so I'll be back on blogger in full swing in no time ... Probably Saturday to blog any craziness that happens on my birthday, or lack there of because I'm gettin old ... Back to the dude who left in the middle of our date ...

Ok, it wasn't a date. And it wasn't some random dude. So I totally lied. But it was a guy who I'm kinda diggin and who's diggin me back, and we did have plans to go out, and I was going to jump his bones. But here's why it wasn't really date .... I've been crazy about this guy since I was 13 years old. We played stupid games for years, ya know, cuz we were kids an all. Lost our virginity to each other and had all sorts of fun together ... yeah, that guy. The Pilot. By the time I got knocked up in grade 12 by Shitface, the Pilot had joined the army. Instead of moving with him like he had asked, I stayed with Shitface and the Pilot moved on.

{Insert several more years worth of stories that I may or may not get to one day. Stories that I was certain would end up being the greatest love story of all time}

By the time T-Bone "broke up with me", the Pilot was getting divorced. He's been back to the city a few times since and we've been hanging out. And stuff. Who I remembered as a cute, geeky, kid is now a man. A hot, sexy man. Last Friday, he was back and we spent the evening together. Met up again Saturday. We were in the middle of deciding what we were doing the rest of the day when he got a call from his mom that he had to go deal with something. I think. I didn't hear the conversation. I was in the shower gettin all ready for the raping he was about to get when he knocked on the door and told me he'd be right back. Again, that was Saturday. He hasn't been back.
No phone call, no text, nothing.

And that, my friends, is worse than being stood up.


  1. Well, fuck... not to be confused with whale fuck...

    Damn... I'm sorry, sweetie... :o(


  2. Wow! I would never do that to you.

  3. I can understand needing to go, but no explination, no text, phone call, nothing? what a jerk. Baring some crazy insident, like his mom dieing or something, there is no excuse for just plain being rude! I'm so sorry!

  4. did you ever hear from him?

  5. and life goes on....

    just saying.:o)