Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I'm a turd and a bad bff

I know it's late in the day, but I've been in the office for almost 9 hours and thought I'd take a quick break to join in on True Story Tuesday with this because I feel like a dumb shit ....

To start, here's an e-mail that I had to send out today:

From: Stacy Dumb Shit 

Sent: Tuesday, June 29, 2010 4:12 PM

To: 'Alan @ xxxxxx.net'

Subject: So uhh ...

Imagine my embarrassment roughly 13 seconds AFTER I introduced you to T(-bone) as Roger …….

I e-mailed Lynda right away and told her I think I f-ed up. I consider Lynda my best friend and I can’t even keep her family straight! That either means I am a bad friend or we don’t see each other enough and maybe I should you over for a bbq or something this summer to make it up to you.

Probably would have made it easier on me if you corrected me then so we could have laughed it off then. I am too mortified to admit my mistake to T(-bone) and he will always be confused now because he was sure you were Alan since Shane told him you were. Ha.

Anyway, soooo sorry. I’ve been feeling like a turd ever since.

Stacy Dumb Shit

I've highlighted the important parts of the e-mail and will now explain why I believe this is TST-worthy, you're entitled to your opinion however ......

I met Lynda when I was 6 years old and by grade 7 when we realized we shared the same pain and humiliation inflicted by fucking bitches at our school, we were good friends. But that's still over a 20 year old friendship. Damn. Alan is HER BROTHER! How the hell do you have a best friend for that long without being able to keep their siblings straight when she is as close to mine as she is to me? Well, her siblings are J.W.'s, and without getting into debates or fights on my innocent lil blog, we just haven't had many opportunities to get to know them more. In 20+ years. But what's worse about what I did, I HAD seen them all a few weeks prior. And talked to them! To add further indignation to myself, when I introduced "Roger" to T-Bone, I specifically said "Lynda's brother-in-law", not brother. As soon as I realized what I had done, I'm sure I shit my pants or at least lost the colour in my face. The embarassment was great. It took me a long time to e-mail the real Alan with this message and I am just dreading the day that I have to face him again. Good thing he has a fantastic sense of humour and seems to be very good-hearted. So it's not like I'll be expecting a punch in the face or even a cold shoulder. Not that anyone would punch someone in the face for this kind of indiscretion. As a matter of fact, are J.W.'s allowed to punch people in the face?


  1. I know that sucks, I am terrible like that too. People I've known forever and haven't seen in a while, then when I do see htem I call them the wrong name!

  2. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. Sorry. that last line was totally unexpected.

    I love that you fessed up in an email after that - and I'm sure all is good as long as he isn't a big meanie, right?

    Now YOU try figuring out people's names when you're deaf, LOL... that's a stinkin' challenge! :) Luckily, I've gotten better at "halfway" introducing people, and kinda leaving a pregnant pause for them to fill in the blank with their name, hee hee!

    Thanks for linking up - I think we've all totally done this before, but you made a funny post out of it :)

  3. LOL I have totally done that, and with my managers to boot! Lucky to still have a job, methinks...xD Don't sweat it - everyone screws up royally sometimes. And like Rachel said, you were still able to make a totally funny post out of the whole thing! That's pretty awesome. Also, have to say it, no matter how many Obamanites get all pissed...that tee the girl is wearing is AWESOOOOOOOOOOOME!!!! =D Great post, GF! =)

  4. Oh Christ, been there done that. I can barely remember the names of my won children, in fact I'm always getting them the wrong way around - not so bad except ones a girl and ones a boy! Sigh.

  5. It is both funny and sad. I know lots of people who have a hard time with names and faces and others who just find that inexcusable. Ah well, at least everyone can laugh about it now. :)