Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday vent

That's allowed right? It is Monday right? People are entitled to vent on Mondays? Actually, this is my blog, I can vent about whatever I want, whenever I want. Really shouldn't be during work hours though, but hell ... So my daughter turns 13 on Saturday. And my car is still broken. It makes it from A to B easy enough, but to C then D then E etc, not so much. And I can't take it on the highway if it's already been running for 30 minutes. Other than that, he runs great. Buy a new car already? Sorry, no can do. I've been watching my budget for the last few months since I got the bad news that the car was sick and was so hoping to get a new car. Unfortunately, I can't quite afford it. Technically, I can afford it, but I'll be scrimping on stuff that I don't want to scrimp on. Maybe scrap my movie channels, maybe my black berry data package, or worse ... fire my cleaners, quit smoking, or grow my beaver hair out ... and screw that. I work hard for my money, ok I work for my money and I strongly believe it is my right to spend it on what I chose. I could pay someone to suck on my toes if I damn well feel like it. So, all that being said. I am going to throw as little money as I can absolutely get away with to get my car back in decent condition. And then wait it out. I've had so much bad car luck that a building would fall on my brand new car with warranty and it would get totalled anyway, so back to square one ... finding a cheap, I mean, inexpensive transmission and bumper for my car. My dilema and what it has to do with my daughters birthday? Well I have 6 kids to drop off at Calaway Park on Saturday. Then I have to drive back home to fix up the basement for her surprise .... nothing like handing that privacy over to a 13 year old girl just in time for unsupervised summers, but good thing I was a bad-ass teenager because I know better and the first thing getting done down there are the bars on the windows! Second thing, security cameras that I will be able to watch from work. Ok, I'm not that crazy ... more like, I don't have that much money to spare, but the bars are as far as it goes. Anyway, after the giant rotters are hyped up on cotton candy and sick from the rides, I have to get them all back to my house for a sleepover. Not wanting to bother anyone with sharing this daunting task (have you ever been in a vehicle with a bunch of teenage girls) and not being able to fit 7 people in my lil car that wont make four 30-mile trips, I am renting a mini-van. I'm already saving half-price on the admission for 6 kids at the park by finding an on-line coupon, am making them pay for their own food while they are at the park (OH YES I AM!), and saving even more money by serving no-name hot dogs without buns, water, and crackers for the sleepover for that night. Oh yeah, did I mention I am allowing SIX ... yes 6 teenagers to sleep at my house Saturday night. It's all good though, there's a drain and a sink in the laundry room with a door if they need to use the washroom, there will be new bars on the windows, and I can just push the couch up against the basement door so they can't get up. Then I can sit in the garage smoking and drinking until I'm sure they are asleep. So, yes, I can afford to fork out the cash to rent a mini-van for the day. Now ... after all that build up to my vent, I don't even care about it anymore. But will share anyway. Enterprise, who I've used often in the last few years and even dropped a crappy little Accent off to them this morning, would not reduce the amount of the mini-van rental to what I had just seen on-line. JUST seen, like seconds before calling them. It went up by more than $20 dollars in seconds .. seriously wtf? And they wouldn't lower it. I'm loyal to places I like, so I booked the damn thing anyway, then went on an internet search for a better deal. Which I found at Avis. $3 less than the original price I found at Enterprise. And because I did some slight trash talking of Enterprise, just across the street from them, they lowered it a further $7. For a total difference of close to $25. I booked with Avis and called Enterprise back to cancel and tell them why and they said OK, thanks for calling and let me go. Wtf!? Way to keep your loyal customers coming back! Whatever.


  1. Wow, way to go Enterprise! Seriously, if I were you I'd write a letter to corporate and let them know how well their employees are handling customer relations. You just may get a free/discount rental out of it which you may need when getting your car fixed.

    Good luck with the girls and Happy Birthday to your daughter!

  2. Wow I couldn't deal with 6 teenagers! You are a better woman than I am!

  3. Aww, happy birthday to your "munchkin"! LOL You are a brave woman, having that many 13-year old girls within the walls of your house!! =) Kudos to you, and godspeed...LOL I really hate Enterprise, who have the worst customer service of any RAC place I have ever dealt with. They once approved us to rent, then waited until we showed up to retrieve the rental to say that they were cancelling our car because we aren't allowed to drive out of state. WTF??!?!?! They had already taken our $300 deposit (since we have no credit card) and wouldn't give it back. We had to wait 2 weeks for a mailed check, which put our vacation in a serious bind when we had to provide yet another deposit to the place we had to resort to for another rental. (I forget which one we went with.) Flipping a-holes.

  4. ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY???? Have you NOT been listening to me when I tell you that teenagers are the devil??? I hope you survive, please stay in contact with me that night, so that I will know if I need to send in the resuce sqaud!!!

    Email or call the Enterprise corporate office and tell them this or email them a link to this blog post...y'all may get a FREE car for the river trip...

  5. Sorry for any frustration with our prices, Stacy. However, they are subject to change based upon current availability at the location on the date and time you want to rent.

    Next time, if you see a lower rate on our website, we suggest booking that rate which will be honored when coming in to pick up the car.

    - Elizabeth with Enterprise Rent-A-Car

  6. Well, Elizabeth with Enterprise Rent-A-Car ... I was TRYING to book it at the lower price. As soon as I selected the car and the summary page with the total cost came up, THAT's when the price changed. I tried explaining it to the lady I spoke with at my location and she WOULD NOT HONOUR IT.

    But thanks for reading and commenting anyway.