Wednesday, June 30, 2010

WTF Wednesday

I have just found the oddest fucking pic I've ever found doing a google search. I am disturbed and you will be too. I would apologize, but since the image is my head, it must be in yours as well ..... tough shit! My google search today was intended for a cute or funny pic to add to my update-blog where I share the reply I got from Alan (read yesterdays blog) after I mucked up his name in an introduction a few weeks back.

First, here's the reply:

From: Alan
Sent: Tuesday, June 29, 2010 9:39 PM
To: Stacy Dumb Shit

Subject: RE: So uhh ...

You’re funny! To be totally honest with you I do not remember you saying that. I think it is because we were out in the rain and I wanted to get shelter. So please stop thinking you’re a turd you silly shit. Ha Ha. Talk to you later…


And I was looking for a "phew" type pic, or "thank god", or something to add to my quick entry today ... and this is what I find:

I could not longer bear to come back to my own blog so I removed the original pic. I, too, am scarred for life and I'm sorry to those I affected.

Here's the replacement pic:

Quesque fuck?!

Moving on .... quickly.

So began my mission. Great way to kill some time my last day before the 4-Day Long Weekend ... playing on Google ...
And speaking of beavers .....

And finally, some good ol' shit ... or 'oh shit'

And lastly, yet another that made me say out loud ... what. the. fuck.


  1. okay, so i had to click on that first picture to make it larger to see if it really was what i thought it was. Really wish i hadn't done that now.

    But the beaver vibrator - genius!

  2. is that chick watching herself have her period in a mirror as she drips all over the mirror? thanks very fucking much, now i have to stab my eyes out.

    the rhino chasing the dude: priceless.

    piss in my mouth? who the fuck DOES THAT?!

  3. Thanks Stacy, now I think I am scarred for life...LOL