Friday, February 26, 2010

Go Canada Go

I'm not looking for a brawl over this, but I have a vent and since it is Friday, I'm typing this up in Letters of Intent form .. head over to Foursons to read more letters or add your own ... 

Dear World Stage,

I watched last nights game. And I cheered and clapped and even shed a tear when my Canadian team won the Gold medal. And I watched the entire arena cheer loudly when the Silver medal winners were announced ... the Americans. I watched each of them accept their medals and shake hands, but it wasn't until I saw Julie Chu smile and wave big to the crowd that I realized most of the team hadn't smiled, or waved to the crowd, or held up their medal. I could clearly see some tears being shed, but I wondered if the tears were out of disappointment, and not happiness? The US team played a great game, as they've done the entire Olympics. And not just the womens hockey team, but the entire US Olympic team (32 medals and counting ...). The whole world has watched. And cheered. Then I heard the commentator (a 1998 silver medal winner) say that the American women 'will learn to love their silver medals, although it may be a disappointment at this time'. Well wtf!? I'm sorry, but really?! I hope they learn to love their Silver medals too. They should wear them with pride, and really, they should have been hootin n hollerin like the Fins were when they were awarded their bronze medals. Or hootin and hollerin like the American womens bobsleigh team was when they were awarded their Bronze medals (those were some happy American girls...) And although T-Bone tried to explain to me this morning that the Americans don't want Silver anymore .. coming in second place is nothing new to them, and they want their Gold, I still think that winning a Silver medal in the Olympics seems like a great great accomplishment. Better than not placing at all and certainly better than never having given it a shot.

And secondly, my biggest vent of the day .... less than 24 hours after our women win a GOLD medal for our country in hockey ... the most important Gold medal a Canadian can win (because we do believe Hockey is Canada's game), the media is all over the team for having a beer and smoking a cigar to celebrate. Let em!! Geeze ... I've been reading comments and articles about this all morning and I have to agree with one comment in particular ... These ladies are old enough to represent our country in the Olympics, win a GOLD medal for our country in the Olympics, hell .. they're even old enough to serve in our military to defend our country .. and they are getting shit on for one 18 year old having a beer to celebrate their win. Yes, I realize that 19 is legal drinking age in BC, but still ... Unbelievable. I came to work today wearing my Team Canada jersey proud. In my second coversation with a co-worker, I learned that the most talked about headline this morning was not that our women hockey team is #1, that they shut out the Americans, that they played a great game, or that they won a freaking GOLD medal ... but that they got a little carried away with their celebrations last night! A little carried away?! 1 freaking drink and a cigar. Gimme a break.

A proud Canadian girl

Congratulations Team Canada!


  1. What a classless, trashy way to act! I can understand being excited to have won the gold medal, but they crossed the line and were TOO exuberant. The women’s hockey team totally embarrassed itself after playing a great game against the United States and an outstanding tournament overall.

  2. I totally agree with you Stacy. Just getting to compete in the Olympics is an honor, placing is awesome and anyone should be proud of not only being there but winning a medal at all.

    So what if the girls had a few beers and smokes, seriously, they are entitled to celebrate!!!

  3. Buy them a round on me (even the young 'un), they deserve it!

  4. I totally agree with you. Americans need to be happy with what they get and be glad they even got a medal!

  5. Wow, I had no idea any of this was even going on. Shame on the Americans for being poor losers. Seriously girls, grow up.

    And as far as giving the 18 year old a hard time for celebrating- come on people! She just won a gold medal for heaven's sake! Leave her alone!

    Thanks for trying to link up with all the mess going on at my blog with MckLinky.