Thursday, February 25, 2010

Letting it all hang out ....

I just caught a glimpse of the phrase "let it all hang out" on my dashboard under Boobs, Ballgames, and Beer so I thought I'd hop on over and catch up on her blog. I was immediately attracted to Janie Woods' blog for a few reasons ... 1 because I read the word fuck and any blog that says fuck is usually a good read, 2 because our last names are almost identical, and 3 because she also talked about sex in one of her blogs and I too, like sex. So I was due to catch up with some valuable reading. And a good decision it was because in reading, I was then brought to the Girl Talk Thursday blog and WOW ... not only did someone say fuck, they also said whore (well actually today's blog by Janie made me choke on my coffee the most when she dropped the C bomb .. and in the right company, I sure do like that word ....). Anyway, I don't quite know who's hosting what, but over at Girl Talk Thursday, it's time to bitch, or be a bitch, whatever you want I'm guessing ...  and I'm usually good at that, so I thought I'd give it a go. Even though I already blogged today about being a worn out ol drunken fart, there's always room to bitch. I've spent the better part of the last 24 hours on my couch, and really, there's NOTHING about doing that that pisses me off, so I'm trying hard to find things ....

1. I hate when I open some blogs some times and 46 more windows pop open and I have to reboot the computer because they're comin at me too fast to close them individually ... Do I have a virus? This is a work pc and I use it to blog so I can't really call IT to help with this issue ...

2. I hate when my supervisor does my work. Seriously. You have a staff of 8 and I get the best damn reviews .. maybe go help someone who needs it, one of the "special" people down the hall ... I had a stack of crap prepared to do when I got back from vacation (my vacation being a drunken good time in Vancouver with good friends and lots of beer celebrating the olympics ...) that she knew about. I get back to my desk to get it done when I am back to see she has done ONE thing in my stack ... a $30 entry out of hmmm maybe $10,000 I had to do .... why bother? Seriously, get your nose the fuck out of my shit. I've been here for 5 years combined, you've been here less than 1, mind yo business.

3. I hate when the T-Bone tells me he's going to come over and doesn't. Come on ... we're going on 3 years here, grow up. Not that I care what he's doing or where is his (at home ... I am a trusting woman) and not that I wanted him around yesterday intruding on my couch & Olympics time, but really, why?

4. I hate that I have driven by my fave car wash about 3 times in the last 2 days and it's been closed. Gimme a break .. this is chinook weather in Calgary where all of our cars have had truck loads of shit thrown at them, we need them washed ... fix your damn car wash. Or at the very least, put the sign the the parking lot entrance, not at the friggin car wash so we're all wasting our damn time going in cirlces to get back to the street.

5. I hate when my kid takes her PMS out on me .. I'm sorry she turned all womanly way before she/I was ready, but the sooner she learns to keep her mouth shut those days, the less I have to yell at her for something I know she has a hard time understanding. March 18, she's grounded!

6. I hate my fat gut today ... big time. I am bloated to shit and can't suck it in. Even my bcwf said "whoa" when I showed her. I'm terrified to take my scarf off incase someone asks when I'm due.

7. I hate that even though I am a growing monstrosity, I am STILL going to get something gross and fatty for lunch.

Well, that about sums it up for today ... I can't think of much else, and that's pretty good for me, I can fly off the handle pretty fast and usually often. I don't know if I feel better for getting it all off my chest, or worse because I had to scrounge those up to take part when I wasn't even really pissed off about most of that to begin with. At any rate, I was introduced to a new blog today and that always makes me happy.


  1. Ha ha, I am SO guilty of #7! I'm fat because I eat and I eat because I'm fat, LOL!

  2. Glad to find you through GTT! I completely did #7 today, too. Not five minutes after saying that I felt like crap because of all the candy I ate today, I promptly consumed an entire bag of popcorn. Awesome. And now I have to read BBB because sex and explicatives? How can I resist?!? :)

  3. You can put me down for a #7 today. I'm supposed to be low-carbing it. But I'm sick-ish. So my ass went and made a big old thing of pasta. And then my ass grew a little wider.


  4. My coworker and I were just talking today about our self-defeating, self-destructive eating behaviors. "Ugh...i feel sick...give me some candy..." WTF???

  5. #1 happens to me sometimes, if you press control/alt/delete, then go to processes, then click on iexplore.exe, then click end process, all will be well in your world...LOL

    #5...ME TOO

    #7 happens to me every day

    I've missed you!!!