Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Truisms from the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics

After having just spent 4 days in Vancouver celebrating (meaning drinking and not sleeping much) the Olympics, I am too tired and have too many e-mails here at work to check to write a full blog now about my first ever experience in Van. For True Story Tuesday today, I thought I’d leave you with a few Stacy-Truisms from my trip. For more True Stories, visit Rachel and Mr Daddy to read or add your own.

I stood at my back door Wednesday night wondering if I should keep my ratty ol runners on to wear to Vancouver, or put on my brand new sparkling white gym runners. Brand new meaning 1 year old but since I don’t go to the gym … brand new. I opt for the brand new sparkly white pair. I am ridiculously careful with them the entire 14 hours it takes for us to get from Calgary to Vancouver. We arrive in Vancouver at noon Thursday and by that evening when we finally decide we’ve had enough sleep and it’s time to par-tay, I pull the white runners out from under a ledge at the front door of the condo we’ve rented. Brand-new-white-runner FAIL. It wasn’t a “ledge” after all … it was the heater vent thingy. Don't have the pic with me to show my brand new sparkly white runners with the burnt toe, but I'll add it after work. True Story.

We take our seats at the Latvia vs. Czech Republic hockey game Friday afternoon. We’re stoked. We have an $8 beer in each hand, Latvia flags (when in doubt, cheer for the under-dogs … it’s fun and makes you feel good) with dangerously pointed tips for people who have been double fisting alcoholic beverages all day, our cameras to capture this game that we’ve been waiting 7 months to see, and our cell phones to call everyone we know to tell them what we’re wearing and where we’re sitting so they can try to see us in the crowd (with envy). First level, 10th row behind the goalie if anyone’s interested. As Murphy would have it, as soon as I park my fat arse in my seat and put both my $8 dollar drinks on the ground so I can arrange my self, my flag, my camera, and my cell phone, we are troubled to let 2 late-ass fans in to their seats beside us. As the 1st man in was not patient enough for me to grab my drinks, he starts to walk over them. I’m holding my breath watching, just waiting for him to knock them over. He doesn’t. Obviously he hasn’t had enough to drink. What he does get though is the sharp point of my flag right in his crotch. I am mortified for a split second, then start laughing because really, he deserved it. Impatient little man. His wife is coming in just as fast, and just as impatient, but I try with all my might to grab my drinks before they are knocked over. I grabbed them both and they are saved. All is well. Until I try to stand up with them. The impatient little mans big wife is right in front of me, I haven’t moved fast enough. Complete boob and check contact. My cheek. Her boob. And not just a slight brush I can assure you. My face was pushed against her large breast. And I laughed again. What a pervert they must have thought. Oh well, they both got to experience a happy lil Calgarian girl touch their happy places while at the Latvia vs Czech Republic hockey game. True story.
After 2nd intermission, the crowd is riled up. Latvia has scored. And we’ve been drinking many o’ $8 drinks. The wave begins. It goes past me twice before I get the hang of it. And that’s an understatement. I decided half way through the game that I wouldn’t be drinking out of a straw anymore. I ditched my straw, threw my lids away and continued drinking. Not a great idea when I’m trying to get the hang of the wave. 3rd time the wave comes around and I’m ready. I want to be part of the riled up crowd. The wave gets to us, I stand up, my arms above my head …. and enter wave fail. Half my $8 drink is on my lap and up my left arm. I look around to make sure nobody saw … but they did. Everyone is laughing. Me too at that point. I am sticky, wet, but having fun. True Story.

A few more Stacy Truisms from the 2010 Vancouver Olympics ….

*Flames fans will seek out other Flames fans to take pictures (and hug you and request you to flash them) to prove that some of us are brave enough to walk the streets of Van proudly sporting a Calgary Flames shirt and will high five you when you say Vancouverites suck (under your breath of course because you don’t want one of them to hear you …)

*The import police will not take away your open can of liquor in the Starbucks while waiting for washroom. They will, though, let you put it down while taking a picture with them.
*The security guards in the mall with the liquor store will not stop you from having a good time, open liquor and all.

*Vancouver, will however, close down all the liquor stores at 7pm on a Saturday night because of all the open liquor and public drunkenness from the night before. True Story ... see it here.


  1. It sounds like you had a GREAT time!!!

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  2. Wow- sounds like an absolute blast!

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  4. It sounds like you all had so much fun! And all I could think when you told your shoe story is at least your tootsies were warm. ;)

  5. Ahh, a once in a lifetime experience! I'm sorry - I was totally cracking up at the "inappropriate contact" part of the impatient couple!

    Thanks for linking up - glad you had fun!