Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I missed my birthday party ....

Well, I am officially IN my 30's, compared to a few days back when I was just 30. And it's not too bad. BUT I do go back n forth with that opinion because sometimes it really fucking sucks. Take last Friday for example ... it was my birthday party. To understand in entirety why I was so damn tired that day, I'll go back to about 3am ... when my baby-daddy called. Given that I was up until after midnight and had to wake up at 5:30, I was none too happy. I didn't answer the phone and tried to go back to sleep. I really have to change my phone number ... Friday morning at the office was a bit of a struggle, but by 2pm, I had a great new haircut and was on my way to pick Sydnerella up to take her for my birthday lunch. Just her and I. She wasn't embarrassed to be seen with her old fart mom .... Yes, to all children, their parents are old as dirt, even the one's who are mistook for being about 26 ... serious, that happens! Sydnerella once replied with shock and disbelief "they had McDonalds when you were a kid????" .... Anyway, I was impressed that she wasn't embarrassed to be seen with her mom at Red Lobster, but she changed her mind a little when I went out of my way to park beside a car in the lot that was smashed up so our car would look a little better with it's half-bumper .... and to further mortify her, I named a lobster in the tank at the front door and told her I was going to just tell the waitress to bring me Bob. I changed my mind when I saw how much Bob would end up costing and Sydnerella was relieved. We ordered a little lunch and she gave me a card. That she, for the very first time, bought by herself. She walked to the grocery store with her friends a few days before and picked out the nicest card she could find ... and it was beautiful. And stuffed in it? .... 31 American 1-dollar bills. American money has become a common gift from people on my birthdays because I got to Texas every July and it's always nice to have some extra spending cash to hang with my girls in Texas. I don't know if Sydnerella gave me the cash though to bring her something back, but either way, it was thoughtful and I was very happy to have spent the afternoon with her. And much as I love my moody little almost teenager, I got rid of her shortly after that and went to my birthday party. Exhausted. But lookin damn good I must say for an old fart, with my new haircut and favorite jeans that I outgrew a while back .... good job Slimfast! After the comedy club (where my first drink of the night was a pitcher of long island iced-tea), I brought the party back to my place. About 14 people .... all drinking and all having fun. Before midnight, I took a friend up to my computer room for her to show me a new song on youtube, which I can't for the life of me remember, and the next thing I knew I was waking up with the sun in my eyes. still in the computer room. still in my clothes from the night before ..... I had missed my birthday party! Well the last 2 hours anyway. I had a great time up to the point I passed out fell asleep, but I was done. Finito! And although I was pretty disappointed in my light-weight performance (and ever-so disappointed that I missed my birthday sex), I was not hungover! And not being hungover rocks! So 31 years old has proved to be too old to drink this long kidless weekend because the next day, waking up with all the left-over liquor (which is always the best reason to host a party), I was unable to get down more than 5 drinks for T-Bone's birthday ... and I tried I tell ya, I tried.


  1. Don't worry. You're far from where I am. Try 47. LOL

  2. Yup, there comes a time when we all have to admit we can no longer live it up like we did in our youth. Happy Birthday old fart.

  3. What cwitgo said...!!! You are just a BABE.. er... BABY!!! ;o)

    And belated Happy Birthday!!!

    ~shoes~ (who knows about being old) ;o)

  4. Shutit cow, I'm fucking older than you! LOL

  5. Sorry, I'm a few days late for the party...any booze left?

    Happy birthday and I'm with Aunt Crazy...I'm much older than you *pout*.