Friday, May 28, 2010

I speak for everyone ....

Dear Mother Nature,

We're done! And we are at  your mercy .. have been for a long time now. We apologize for whatever it was that made you punish us this way - most harshly. Whatever it takes for you to stop, we will do it. I speak for all Calgarians when I beg you to please stop making it snow. I am on my knees, and not in the good way. Almost to the verge of praying. We forgot and forgave when it snowed at the end of April, but this isn't funny anymore. Please. For the love of all things good and warm, make it stop snowing.

Sad, cold, wet,

I have no energy to write anymore letters, the weather has sent me into a great depression. The only thing that can take me out of it now is sexy time. And chips. I have almost lost the will to live. The little miserable letter was brought to you for Julie's blog. Click on the picture below to read more. They probably have a little more life to them ... I'm sorry, I can't go on ....



  1. In 50 days, you will be here, in Texas, with me, and you'll feel like you're being burned alive within the depths of hell and you'll be begging for Calgary to send you a little relief...just wait and see my friend! But, I know just the trick...float the river and sleep with like a fucking charm!!!

  2. Yep blame it on Global warming....*snicker*

    Sorry for your misery, it is just raining here..

    But we Washingtonians need it to keep the webbing between our fingers and toes intact...LOL

    Take solace in your chip bag, gal!

  3. Oh my gosh, seriously?! How in the world do you still have snow when it is almost June?! I feel for ya' girl and I'm so sorry!

    Thanks for linking up, maybe you need to plan your trip to TX to start like tomorrow or something.

  4. Again??? No way!! But I do love the picture!

  5. I love the picture. Snow in late May crazy? Maybe you should move farther south.

  6. I love that cat photo... HAHAHAHA...

    You have snow... we have hot weather here in Mississippi already... I'd trade weather with you... :oD


  7. I would be super depressed if it snowed here as well. It is to late in the spring to be snowing!

  8. Yikes! I'd feel the same way - it's almost June for crying out loud. But relief is on the way from what your posts say...just remember these cold days when your frying in Texas - but then again, that might not be so bad. Smile.


  9. Yes, I'm with Crazy and will be frying like bacon once you get down here to Hell...I mean, Texas. LOL I'm already regretting my wishes that it would hurry up and get warm, so I guess my punishment is at hand! LOL I'm so sorry it's still snowing there!! I would be depressed, too. =( We had a pretty decent winter this year, which is SO far from the norm it's almost comical. I keep hoping that will mean a more temperate summer, but I'm not kidding myself....this is Austin, after all! 100 days of 100+ degree heat last summer, and I'm not even remotely fooled into believing that we won't die this summer like we have for all the rest. =) I'm glad you'll get to hang out and tube the river with Crazy!! It's super fun. =)