Friday, May 14, 2010

piece of shit car and my first ever Friday Follow ....

12:30pm Friday's are my favorite time of the week. 12 if I make it in to work by 7. There is no greater feeling than leaving work for the day early on a Friday and there is no snow on the ground (well, there IS, but we're not talking about sex time right now .... as a matter of fact, now I am thinking about sexy time, but that'll be taken care of in T minus 3 hours ... damn it's been a long 10 days .... ) Soooo ... our snow has melted and we're expecting a high of 18 today ... capri and t-shirt weather for sure. 25C tomorrow. Hallelujah, thank the lord .... I don't know how much more of winter I could have endured. I've been on the verge of a breakdown from this miserable weather that we can barely function in. Phew ....

Part 1 of today's blog post is to take part in Letters of Intent over at Foursons. Click on the button to read more or add your own. 


Dear Sonic,

I am writing to blow smoke up your butt Sonic! I love you. And I live in your nemesis city south of you. About two hours my speed actually. Seriously .... the drive took me two hours last time, without getting a speeding ticket. I've taken my daughter up to the mall a few times over the last few years while driving through to Edson to visit family. I have enjoyed all of my visits to your city ... however .... I did not appreciate all the Calgary-bashing. I will admit though, that I have never heard Calgary-bashing on this station and I thank you for that. We don't Edmonton-bash down here, maybe a few ribs here and there, we've moved on ... We Vancouver-bash now. Anyway, to the point of my letter ... on my last visit to Edmonton, my daughter and I were at the movies when an advertisement came on for this station. Sonic. I loved what I saw on the ad and since Calgary just scrapped my fave station (similar to Sonic) I was on the hunt for a new station. BAD Calgary, we're not ALL rednecks ya know .... Since finding this station and streaming it through my pc all day while I work, I am a much happier little worker. And I have an increased respect for Edmonton and it's taste in music. Good job guys, love the music. And thanks for not Calgary-bashing.

A faithful listener and non-redneck Calgarian (I think?)


Dear Silly Sally,

You're fucking HI-larious. I am still laughing to myself over you riding up the Centre Street bridge on your new bike. The new bike with the white fenders and the big basket on the front. Wearing a pink dress. Classy. And still oh so funny that I just happened to facing that way on the bus at that right moment so I got to see it.

Your sister, who is not laughing AT you, but with you


Dear HR lady that has been on this floor twice to let people go,

Keep on walkin. Or better yet, don't bother coming back over here. Not that I am worried about MY job because I rock and know it, but you're still an uncomfortable presence. Nobody likes to see the HR lady doing rounds when we know someone was let go the day before. We are not fools, we know everything happens in three's.

A faithful employee who would not go quietly or easy in the unfortunate event that I was stabbed in the back


Dear piece of shit car,

You are skating on thin ice my friend. I am officially ashamed of you. I feel guilt for saying it out loud and I see you trying. But this just isn't going to work. You are missing part of your bumper, so I can't even pretend that everything is ok on the inside. Everyone can see you falling apart and I am losing faith in you. I appreciate what you have done for me so far, but it's time to part ways. 

Back on the Market

Part 2 of todays blog post is to take part in my very first ever Friday Follow and I am ever so excited.

Friday Follow

I don't know if I'm supposed to do tricks or dance for my prize, but I've linked up and have a little homework to do .... reading through some blogs on the list of 5,000,000 .... consider it done.


  1. I am about as blunt as you. Love the blog! My first Friday Follow too.

  2. ... and to think I tuned in just to read about the 'piece-of-shit' car!!! And I get all of this lagniappe!!!! How cool is THAT?!?!?!


  3. I had a car like that once and it totally sucked major ass!!!!!

  4. I came over from Friday Follow! Have a great day!

  5. It's like a right of passage in life, we all have that one bad car story. It'll all get better, trust me. Anyway I'm here from the FF blog hop and I'm your latest follow Stacy without an "E" and I like your writing style.

    Hope you'll visit my blog and return the follow. Thanks!

  6. Good Afternoon! Nice to meet you! Popping in to be your newest Follower! Hooray! Swing by my blog and follow me too - when you get a chance.

    Bridgette Groschen
    Groschen Goblins