Friday, May 21, 2010

it's my birthday bitch

and my 100th post. Sweet!

It comes with great happiness that my birthday lands on a Friday. Not just because Friday is the best freaking day of the week, but because it gives me a great excuse to link it up over at Foursons for Letters of Intent ....


My letter is short and to the point today ...

Dear ME


Love ME

Now, if you're against using other peoples' McKlinky's for your own agenda (like to get people to read my blog on my birthday), then stop reading because my letter is done. Or .... better yet, keep going and enjoy my pics. Like the one at the top of the page ..... It was my 28th birthday weekend ... always around May Long Weekend, and that's rocks like nothing else rocks because my birthday usually turns into my birthweekend (good job mom & dad) ... back to the picture. I don't own that t-shirt, though I really wish I did now, not that it would fit, but whatever. Me & Silly Sally took a cab off the Las Vagas strip to a mall in the Las Vegas suburbs where I found that shirt. And because it was 300 degrees out and I was hungover to shit, I wasn't thinking clearly enough to buy the shirt, but just clearly enough to put it on and get Silly Sally to snap a picture. wtf? Anyway, I love the picture and change my facebook profile to it every year for my birthday, because if you didn't already know ... it's MY birthday bitch .... I woke up the morning of my 28th birthday looking like this .... (please excuse my chinssss ....)

Don't let the picture deceive you, I wasn't hungover. I was still drunk! And what better way to spend your 28th birthday when you wake up in fucking Vegas drunk and your sister, the only other person you came with is anti-gambling but to hit the outlet mall. Drunk birthday shopping?! Sure! In the hotter-than-hell temps, the lack of nutrients, sleep, and water in my NOW hungover body made that shopping trip quite short. The cab driver stopped at Jack in the Box for some desperately needed grease and we went back to the hotel for a desperately needed nap. After getting all refreshed, this is how my birthday in Vegas pretty much ended ... 

Pretty tame ... don't judge! We went to Vegas two nights before my actual birthday so the damage to our livers and bank accounts had already been done and we were partied out .... see .....

That was my favorite birthday yet, but I've had pretty great birthdays ...

and more than a few May Long Weekends where a majority of them were spent nursing hangovers. Happy Birthday again to me. Enjoy Yuk Yuks. And tomorrow .... Happy Birthday T-Bone.


  1. Happy Birthday AAAAaaaaGGgggainnnnnnn!!!!LOL

    are you going to do a pictorial of T-Bone for his B-day????? ROFL

    Hope you guys have a Great Weekend...

  2. hope you have the BEST birthday EVA!!!!!!

  3. HAPPY BIRFDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Happy Birthday! I think you may have written the shortest letter EVER. Good job chica, you just made a record. :)

    Love all the pictures and Vegas sounds awesome.

    Thanks for linking up! Next week's letter should include some of this weekend's shanigans.

  5. helllo..You are on LOL link up and enjoy...!and HaPpY BiRtHdAy..!

  6. Late to the party as usual, but Happy Late Birthday :)

  7. Happy Birthday! I lived in Las Vegas for 6 years and still couldn't get enough. That's why I had to move! Glad you had a great time. Found you on LOL. :)

  8. And of course when you get to TX with your American money, we'll help you spend it AND we'll celebrate your birthday AGAIN!!!

    Oh AND you get to sleep with me, so you need a t-shirt that says I sleep with Aunt Crazy Bitch!!!