Friday, March 19, 2010

I'm claiming my blog awards dammit

I have been given 3 blog awards in the past few months ... all of which I am ever-so greatful for, none of which I have officially claimed. The reasons? I'm such a massive procrastinator that I even proscrastinate getting awards. And I was sucking at paying it forward. And because I read the same blogs as most of the bloggers on my blog lists and they've probably received these awards already. That's right, I just jack blogs of the one's I've just jacked. I even recently found Single Mom Seeking again through Mommy Wants Vodka. What a bloggin small world. I read Single Mom Seeking years ago, before I even cared to read blogs. I wasn't a new mom at the time, but I was back on the market. She was one of the only two blogs that I read ... the secon was a girl name Romi, who I found to be HI-larious, but after just a year of her dating blog, she deciced to call it quits. I miss Romi. But I stuck with Single Mom Seeking until I liked my job enough to actually work when I was at my desk, then I just lost the urge to read blogs. Occasionally, I'd pop over to the Redneck Mommy, who was introduced to me by my very best blogging friend, Aunt Crazy, which also proves what a bloggin small world it is because I met Aunt Crazy in Texas, who told me about Tanis in Alberta. Well I'll be ... I'm from Alberta too. I'm patriotic like that, so I'd read the Redneck Mommy every now & then too, but other than that .. my blog readin days were slow. Until September 2009. Aunt Crazy told me she had started her very own blog. Reeaaalllyyy ... So had I. A few personal blogs here & there on my Windows Live account going back to 2006. And unbeknownst to me (I had to that word btw), I had my privacy settings too high and nobody have ever read them. That whole time nobody was reading my blogs .... I thought I just sucked. Maybe I still do. But with Aunt Crazy's enthusiasm to her blog, I figured I'd give it a try. And I'm hooked. Kinda like when I discovered YouPorn.

Do all you bloggy people remember what it was like to get your 1st follower that wasn't a personal friend or a relative? Or to get your first comment from someone you admired? I was stoked! Like threw my chair back and stood up staring at the screen saying "no fukin way .. SHE read ME!" I thought I was the shit! Not just shit, but THE shit! Most of my blogs are written to link up with True Story Tuesday & Letters of Intent (introduced to me of course by Aunt Crazy) where we link up and read others' blogs, and others are a little obligated to read yours and comment. And I love the idea of forcing people to read what they may otherwise never chose .. myself included, because I have read some fabulous blogs by linking up with Rachel & Mr Daddy and Julie that I would have never known existed. And my free time at work would still be rather dull. Once in a while I write something a little more personal and random, and I am even more excited when I get comments on those by people who aren't exactly obligated to read because they aren't even linked on someone elses blog with a bazillion followers, but have chosen to follow me. I heart you all! I smile big when I log in to my dash board and see I have a new follower. And I smile even bigger when I am given blog awards. 3 by the way if I didn't mention that already. I've written two long blogs this week, neither of which I've published, so I've been feeling a little non-bloggy. And since I've been sitting on these three uber-good reasons to blog for so long, I figured today was the day to accept my awards. Which also means, I have rules to follow and have to pass them on. Because I always tend to do what I want, in a silent, non-threatening way, I am taking all three at once and passing them on to who ever I want to .. and just try to stop me.

This was my first blog award, given to me by Aunt Crazy, who already knows that I heart her very much, but probably likes hearing it over & over because everyone likes it when people drop the L bomb on them ... well for the most part ...

And now I am supposed to post 5 things that I love to do ... piece of cake ... I love to play poker and/or blackjack. I love to lay on my couch wrapped in a blanky with the remote in my hand. I love to travel ... as far as I can possibly go ... Texas is the furthest so far, and by far my favorite place to go with my favorite women. I love to eat ... sorry, but I do, I love eating my favorite foods. And I love to have sexy time, also known as schnoo schnoo ... alone, or with T-Bone. I'm not picky. (unless T-Bone's reading this, then yes, am very very picky ...)

The 5 bloggers that I would love to pass The Cirlce of Friends award on to are followers of mine whose blogs I do not follow ... not because I don't read them, but because I don't read them regularly (slap my blogging hand) and I'm a lazy-ass and haven't added their links to my page. I'm not sure what you prefer, awards or new followers, but you aren't getting both at once (said with love of course ... hey, it's almost midnight and I have to work tomorrow). Patience is a virtue ... or some crap. And ... if you've gotten this award before from some else, just remember that this one was given to you from a small-time blogger from Cowtown!

On to my second blog award ... given to me, again, by Aunt Crazy. See why I heart her so much. I am so sleeping with you in Texas Y!

Beautiful?! Moi! Aww shucks ...

7 random things about myself that I am supposed to spill ... Well, again, I am a huge procrastinator. I love crab legs. I hate cilantro. I drive to work before 7am with my music blarring to wake myself up. I have to fall asleep with the TV on. I don't like most coffee besides Tim Hortons unless it has French Vanilla cream in it. I pay for a gym membership monthly but haven't been since almost one year ago (but still bitch about how much weight I've gained in the last year ...)

It says I'm to pass this on to 15 bloggers ... well they really make you work for this award now don't they?And really, who are "they"? Because I tend to not follow rules to a T, I'm chopping the list. Sorry to break the rules, but again, it's pushing midnight. This Beautiful Blogger Award is going to those blogs I was initially attracted to by seeing the F bomb dropped, other swear words (or what you Americans call 'cuss' words), or anything about SEX. That is beautiful, I'm telling ya ... Acknowledging that there are times when "Gosh!" or "Fiddlesticks" just wont cut it. When a good Fuck now & then is needed, in more ways than I intended that to come out ... Score!

And now for my latest award, the Sunshine Award, given to me by GunDiva over at Just Another Perfect Day. This award meant something a little different than Aunt Crazy's. Not better in any way, just that I personally know Aunt Crazy and awards from her are exactly what makes her so great, because she's always always doing things and saying things to make me smile .. for 10 years! But GunDiva doesn't know me apart from what's in the my blog ... which is me, just less of me than Aunt Crazy knows and I was still thought of for the award, so Thank You, a million times over Gun Diva, for thinking of me.

I didn't have to jump through any hoops to get this one, like thinking of more things to write about myself, but like the others, I'm going to have to pay it forward. I'm giving this award to 12 blogs that mean something to me. They are either my good friends, bloggers I've been reading for years (even in my stage of no blog reading), even the bloggers who have more commenters in the first five minutes after posting than I do followers and most likely don't know who the hell I am, first followers, first commentors, and everyone in between who I think is the shit. Again, not shit, but THE shit!

There! Mission accomplished. Thank you again for the awards, and thank you to all the blogs I listed up here just for being you! Happy Friday

**Note: I starting this about 11pm last night, but couldn't finish because I was T-IRED ... and omg, I just realized that I have to let all you wonderful peeps know that I gave you an award ... ooohhh you might be waiting awhile .... **


  1. Wow- thanks for the shout out! I humbly accept my award and add it to my aresenal of things that will make me queen blog ruler of all!

  2. Thanks so much Stacy!!! :)

  3. No way! Thanks for the cool award and writing all that nice stuff about our little blog :)

    I have totally been in a blogging funk lately and Daylight Savings Time seems to have robbed me from THREE hours of time I used to have.

    So thank you, thank you! And congratulations on all THREE of your awards!

  4. aaaaaawwwwwwwwww shucks...thanks for all the shout outs and for the award! I heart you and woohoo I'm sleeping with a Canadian in a few months...AWESOME!!!

  5. You're very kind :) Thanks....