Wednesday, March 10, 2010

my first crush is dead

Corey Haim died of a drug overdose in the wee hours this morning and thirtysomethings everywhere will be mourning the loss of their first teen crush, the first boy that made them swoon, the first boy they called a "hunk" or a "major babe". From the minute I saw his cute baby-face in License to Drive, I had to see him more. I also decided at that time that my name should be Jordan and I should start wearing acid wash jean skirts ... but that's another story and as a child of the 80's, early 90's, I'll get to that one day.....

I spent every cent I could scrounge up to buy as many issues of BOP, Teen Beat, and Tiger Beat for the 8x10 pics of Corey Haim to cover my walls with. And what a treat it was when he was the centerfold, or even better ... the 16x20 poster all folded up in-side. I loved him, and I was convinced that if we ever met, he would love me back. Being from Canada and all, this was entirely possible. My best friend at the time set her sights on Corey Feldman, which made her a great buddy to have during my Haim phase. She'd give me all the Corey Haim pics from her magazines, I'd give her all the Corey Feldman pics from mine. And she didn't judge when I spent hours staring into the eyes of the boy on the pics on my walls because she was doing the same thing. We were in love. And as for finding movies to rent, there was no argument ... anything and everything we could find with the two Corey's.

Falling for Corey Haim was life-changing in my pre-teen years. He convinced me to pack up the Barbies and start focusing my attention on what was really important ... other totally rad dudes in the teen magazines. As time passed and because all good things must come to an end, my relationship with Corey Haim faded and I moved on. But I will never forget my first crush, on a boy who was a major babe ....


  1. he was my first crush too...covered my walls
    so sad RIP :(

  2. I guess I am too young. I have never even heard of him before.

  3. I crushed too. The lives of these child stars is so horrendous.

  4. It was so surreal to see the news! What a waste, a huge waste.

    (Umm, yeah, I had a thing for him too!)