Friday, March 12, 2010

soccer bums

Well, I never thought I would come to work with a hangover again ... but here I am! Happy birthday to my good friend. Even though I intended on leaving after one drink and that one drink turned into many and I had to take Keys Please home, I'm glad I went. At least I made it home in time for Survivor. I gotta admit though, I'm a wee-bit off today ... tired if you will. But I sucked it up ... and sucked back some gatorade with Advil and came to work anyway ... and it's Friday, so it wont be too bad. I'm comfy in jeans and got free breakfast. My mind isn't yet in work mode, so I've spent the last half-hour typing up this letter to link up with Foursons, Happy Friday all ...


Dear Soccer parents,

Before I get into why I am writing to you today, I'd like to explain a little something about me. I didn't choose to be the manager our team. My name had been given to the coach by a fellow parent who has seen me on the bench for 4 indoor seasons now. What that means is I am the "bench mom". As our all girls teams are coached by men, a woman is required on the bench and in the change rooms at all times. Thats what I do. I chose this so I can get to know the kids, so I can spend more quality time with my own, so I have a better seat watching the games, and so I don't have to deal with you! You heard me ... most of you suck! The few times that I have requested a sub-bench mom so I can enjoy a game here n' there in the bleachers with friends & family, I have been almost disgusted with what I have seen and heard. I think it said a lot that one season I over heard a coach suggest "we" get a swear jar! And although I am an admitted-potty mouth momma, there's a time and a place, and I was most certainly not "we" when I was in the bleachers. I also wonder why only a handful of you say Hello when you see me at random. I'm talking to a few of the moms here because the soccer dads ALWAYS say Hello ..... just sayin. So, I prefer being on the bench. I'll get to know your kids, and your husbands, but it doesn't break my heart that I wont get to know you! Now ... to reiterate, I did not choose to be the manager of this team. Coach G named me manager because his wife obviously wanted no part of the team, and because he felt he needed a woman to do the shit work. Like coordinate the pizza fundraiser. Which by the way, I spent most of the time doing that on company hours ... I'm sure my oil and gas company is ok paying me to manage my daughters soccer team. Coach G has loaded me up with a few tasks, none of which I've been too happy handling. Not because I'm a sour puss that doesn't give a shit about her kid, but because I am a single parent. And I work full time. One of the few single parents I see at the games. I do what I can, Coach G unfortunately can kiss my ass if he's been left disappointed by anything I haven't done right, or complete. Sorry. But I am left a tad disgruntled now today because I just checked my e-mail and I only received one reply from my request yesterday to you all for volunteers at this weekends Inter-cities. ONE! Given that our girls lost most of their games this season but managed to pull through at the end to make it to the Inter-city championship tournament, we should be proud, and happy as pigs in shit that we get to play this weekend! And I'm sure you are ... but I'm still really disappointed that you have all watched me do all this work with your kids, spend all this time "managing" yours kids' team, and even spend my own money on Dipping Dots for your kids after hard games and good wins that only one of you can show your appreciation, or your team spirit by replying to my e-mail. And I might as well take this opportunity to thank the 7 parents that made sure their kids were at the game the day of the big snow fall! Yes, it was a HORRENDOUS amount of snow, but if I can dig through the two-foot high snow bank to my garage then manage my little Honda civic through the roads to the soccer centre without the help of El Husband, then I wonder why the 8 of you couldn't. Not judging, just wondering ... Back to my point .... I made sure that I put in BOLD that the teams will be charged a $100 fee if we do not provide volunteers ... and still .... only one reply. You know what that means hey? That myself and the other volunteer will end up splitting the four hour requirement. Really, two hours out of my already busy life isn't going to kill me .. it actually adds something to my life that yours is probably missing, but I was really expecting that more of you would have stepped up to the plate. Don't you worry though ... myself & Boot Camp lady have it covered. You enjoy the extra hour of your Saturday at home ... my kid will be just fine running around the soccer centre for two hours while I meet n' greet out of towners, direct teams to their fields, and collect game sheets from refs ... and hey, some refs are little hotties anyway, it just might be fun.

Sydnerellas Mom
Team Manager
U14 Girls


  1. They are prolly just pissy beacuse their husbands talk to you, you are a hottie after all! LOL

    You don't want to be friendly with those bitches there...HA!

  2. What a mess. I'm sorry you're stuck in that situation. I don't envy you at all!!

  3. Glad my daughter is too young for soccer.

  4. Ugh :( Doesn't sound like any fun.

  5. Grrr...
    I used to coach soccer and remember that it was like pulling teeth to get help from the parents (other than the less-than-helpful coaching tips they all have - hey, if you can coach better, you do it - just sayin').

    Hang in there.

  6. I can so totally feel your pain on this. I was the dugout mom for many seasons in Little League. I quit because of crap like that. And honestly- the older the kids get, the worse the parents get. It's horrible.

    Thanks for linking up, I hope the play-offs go well!

  7. You gotta love how people are so rude and refuse to help out when it needs to be done.

  8. if you don't really give a rat's ass what they think of you, call them at home. ask them what time slot they would like to cover at the tourney.

  9. Have an award for you (will post on Monday) at my place. Come 'n get it!