Friday, March 26, 2010

personal space

Dear people on the elevator that do not have a clue about personal space,

If I can stick out my tongue and lick the back of your head, you are standing too close me. If my boobs are smooshed into your back pack, you are too close. If you fart and I feel it rumble in my crotch, you are too close. If you are getting goosebumps because I am breathing on your neck, you are too close. If our feet, hips, arms, or hands are touching, you are too close. If you are so close that when you turn to get off the elevator and are face to face with me, then you deserve the whiff of coffee / smokers breath I will blow in your face.

Irritated and almost ready to start taking the stairs all 40 floors up


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  1. Eewww...I hate people in my space.

  2. I'm not sure if it's the Guadalupe or the Comal. But they both run through the same town. Are you getting together with Aunt Crazy? I'm going to join ya'll for a day or two. :)

  3. Oh yuck. I would be freaking out if someone was in my personal space like that.

    Thanks for linking up!

  4. Foursons...she's already booked her flight...LOL We stay in Seguin and float the Guadalupe.

  5. That drives me crazy! And I hate when people rush onto the elevator before letting the ones on it get off first. Hello - if you get on how am I going to be able to get off? Here's my latest question to the world "Why is Common Sense not?"

  6. I would rather take the stairs anyday. However, with a toddler in tow the elevator is easier. People can be so rude on an elevator though. Goodness, I have a kid with me.

  7. Next time just start talking to yourself and occasionally hit yourself. That's what I do when I want people out of my space. TRUST ME they wont come anywhere near you then! :)

  8. I am laughing so hard at the diagram girl...what a funny little pic...I hate elevators I will wait until the next one comes if there is a crowd

  9. I came over from Aunt Crazy's blog. You should have a consumer alert, or disclaimer to proceed at own risk..... I now have to clean coffee off my puter screen and swab my nose canals, thank you very much!!!

    the chubby busting post wasn't what I was expecting (I know get my mind outa the gutter)LOL
    but you gotta admit if I read it first on her blog all bets are off...ROFL

    Both posts were hilarious,

    Gotta run I still have coffee dripping outta my nose...

  10. LMBO at that picture! Next time you should make some comment to the person next to you about having the swine flu. That ought to make everybody take a step or two back!

  11. LOL!!!

    I am soooo with you on the personal space.

    Get this: when you are deaf like me and need to lipread, try doing that when someone is too close to your face. It's insanely awkward because it is SUPER obvious that you're looking at someone's kisser, plus you nearly have to cross your eyes to do so!

    Sorry... I totally feel your pain, but it's your own fault that you made it so funny that I snorted :)

    And please ignore my hubby's comment... that man can find an double entendre anywhere! HA HA

  12. OMG I needed a laugh today and that my dear was great!!!