Thursday, April 15, 2010

google search til you're satisfied

If I want to find out about virtually anything, I pop on to google. If I don't like what I find, I simply hit the back button and search again ... and again and again, until I find the answer I want. Works everytime.

Take last night for instance. I wanted to find out appoximately how many calories I am burning while doing my new fave cardio routine ... the mini-tramp. The first few links I came across stated that the mini-tramp is actually a less effective work out because of the springs. The bouncing motion absorbs most of the "work out" so to speak so less calories are burned. I disagree. I believe that after a 28 minute work out that took 3 additional minutes of laying near death with burning skin and sweat pouring off my head and in between my boobs, breathing like T-Bone does after a long session for another ten minutes that I burnt off a lot of fucking calories. Granted, I don't just bounce up and down on the mini-tramp, or slow-dance, I give 'er. Fast and Hard. With a 5lb weight in each hand. And thank god for the springs, really, my bladder and my hips appreciate them (wtf is up with my weak urethra since I gave birth anyway .. sheesh .. that's a whole other blog though). So I continued my google search until I found what I was looking for.

"Oh you want to know how many calories that is exactly? Okay a 150 pound woman working out on a rebounder stands to burn 410 calories. Were she to spend the same amount of time jogging shse'd burn through only 355 calories." (

Yes, I can always count on google searches. For anything. Sometimes what I find doesn't make much sense .. like this for example:
Which I found by doing in image search on 'mini-tramp', but whatever.

And sometimes, I really hit the jackpot while google searching. I took the mini out of mini-tramp and found this, seriously? How fitting for this blog .... damn I'm good:


  1. I love the last pic!! ahhhhhhh the tramp stamp, glad I dodged that one! :)

  2. I google all my images for my blog--some are too good to use, some to good to pass up. The mini tramp search didn't bring up a midget ho? Whoa.

  3. Where do you think the back button is on that google search?????? ROFL

  4. Yes, I click back on Google until I find the answer I like too. Funny how that works! Hahahaha

    FYI- I will be in NYC when y'all are down here for your river trip. :( We'll have to get together next summer.

  5. Stacy, can you email me? I have a post for my blog Id like to run by you first...

    email me @


  6. Hmmm... I did a tramp not too long ago... I wonder how many calories I burned then??? Hmmmm... :oD