Friday, April 30, 2010

where would I be?

Happy Anniversary Louise Dean School,

And thank you for being here. I graduated in 1998 as an 18 year old mother with the help of my family, friends, and this school. I don't know where I would be or what I would have become if it weren't for you. The 18 months I attended was the most important 18 months of my life as I was given the tools, resources, motivation, and encouragement to tackle what was laid out in front of me. You helped me through the last few months of my pregnancy and supported me as I welcomed my little baby daughter into the world. And at her young age of 7 weeks, you welcomed her into your learning centre where you took great care in making sure she was fed, changed, attended to, happy, and safe as I was in class, earning the credits I needed to get out there and make something of myself. Or while I was in the lounge napping during spares trying to recover some much needed sleep that I lost as new mother. It seems like just a few years ago that I walked to the podium in your gym and accepted my diploma. And now as I raise my daughter into junior high school, you are celebrating your 40th year. I can't thank you enough. You will always be in my heart.

Stacy (with baby-girl Sydney)

There! My tender side. Brought to you today as I think back to a time long ago, that doesn't seem so long ago. Waddling the halls of a school for pregnant & parenting teens, anticipating the birth of my baby, wondering where I'd been in the future. Well, here I am. Kicking ass and taking names .... or something of the sort. And sharing bits of my stories with anyone who will listen ... including those at Julie's place for Letters of Intent.



  1. And some people think all the letters are complaints! Great letter!

  2. I love this letter! Thank goodness for kind hearts and grace. So happy that you have beaten the odds and become successful. Good job Mom!

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. What a great letter! It is so good that someone was so willing to help you out and get you through school!

  4. That is a truly awesome Letter of Intent! LOVE it!

  5. I agree, it's refreshing to see a non-angry LOI! =) Mine are pretty much always angry...LOL I was pregnant my senior year, as well, but had to endure it with the masses of ignoramuses that I went to HS with. I SO wish I could have done what you did!! What an amazing school...=) The whole sordid story of my journey to being a statistic (*winks*) is on my blog if you want to read it. Thanks for the great letter!! Made me feel good to read it! =)

  6. Wow!!! you go girl... :o)

    sheesh I wasn't expecting to get in touch with my feminine side this morning.....

    excuse me I gotta go blow my nose, and get something outta my eyes....LOL

  7. This letter brought me to tears!

    It was beautiful, moving and hopeful.

  8. I don't think I've ever seen a baby pic of her before. I heart her!

  9. Great letter. Just like passionofthemom I had to endure public high school and graduating 8 months pregnant. Ignorance at its best right there. Awesome you had somewhere to help you live and learn :)