Friday, April 9, 2010

yet another reason I love my job

Today is a good day. The best Friday of the entire year ... Daylight savings starts at my company, which means 1/2 Fridays from now until October .. WOOT! That and the fact that I'm wearing jeans, that I swear are a little bit BIGGER makes it a great day actually. It's treat day, which is usually good because it means free breakfast ... not so much today because it's MY treat day. So not free for me. Friday is also great because it's Letters of Intent day over at Foursons blog. I've been a bad participant lately, actually I've been a bad blogger lately, but I'm on my crackberry now more than the PC and I tried to blog on that and it aint happenin. I've also been working out in my spare time and car shopping. So ... there's my excuses. Click on the pic below to read more letters or to add your own, and keep reading for my little letters of today. The best Friday of the entire year ...


Dear company I work for,

It took a long time to like you. After the hostile take over of my last favorite bestest company ever, I hated you. Wanted you to crash n burn. But over time and after pulling my head out of my ass, I grew to love you. And it's a strong love. I don't know if I ever told you, but I was offered a job about 8 months ago making buckets upon buckets of cash, and I turned it down. For you! And what did you do a few weeks back to thank me? Gave me a crazy good bunus! See, you rub my back, I'll rub yours. And 1/2 Fridays is the cream cheese icing on the strawberry chip cake.

With love,
your loyal JV accountant


Dear 4 pounds,

So long sucka! Don't come back ... I win, you lose. I mean I guess I lose too ... score!

A Canadian that will be in Texas in July not just a crazy bitch, but a skinny bitch


Dear used car salesmen,

You are slimey. You know you are. And I am not stupid. Good luck with me.

A girl that will get the fabulous car I deserve for less than you want to sell it for


Dear Calgary & area weather,

WTF!? Seriously, wtf was that last night? You cold bitch. Yes, I've lived here my whole life. Yes, I've seen it snow every month of the year. So No, I'm not surprised really. But an ice storm? Really? And why take the power? You are so lucky it came back on before Survivor or you would have had two very pissed off girls on your hands. One who is just starting to PMS.

Fuck you!


Dear Sydnerella,

We went through it bad last month and I wont do it again. You will be grounded if you think your PMS gives you a "treat mom like shit" pass for the next couple of days. I did not appreciate being blamed for the power outtage last night or the attitude because I have a crack addiction that kept me occupied and you just have a regular cell phone that was almost dead (neener neener). I am flattered, though, that you think I am so powerful that I could stop the snow and sleet with my bare hands and pull the sun through the clouds. That says a lot for my parenting really. Thanks.

A mother who will not take shit from a 12 yr old who thinks the world should stop right before her monthly visitor


  1. yay for your 4 lbs lose..I think I may have "found" it :(

    is 12 the magic age?! I'm scared...Biggs is 10!!!

  2. Way to go on the weight loss....

    Just watch you back with the job, sometimes they can turn on you like a 12 year old right before her monthly visit.....Just saying!!!!! LOL

    and Texas in July...... That is gonna be HOT!!!!!!in more ways than one....ROFL

  3. I was already laughing throughout your post, and then I got to Mr. Daddy's comment. He ain't kidding (we both work for the same agency... and things are a bit "rough" right now).

    I am insanely jealous about the 1/2 Fridays!!!

    Glad you aren't gonna let those used car salesmen take you for a ride! Mr. Daddy earned some mega points when my Ducky got wrecked and we went shopping... ever notice the salesmen always want to deal with the MAN? Well he said a million times (and meant it), "It's not my car, deal with HER". MWah!

    Can't wait to see a pic of what you end up with! :)

  4. Look here beotch, yay you lost four pounds, but did you have to send them to me? not that i've had the balls to actually step on the scale but a girl can tell yannow...just sayin

    Mr. Daddy...Texas in July is hot, but in the New Braufels area it's especially hot cuz that's when my really hot bitches get here to see me every year, so yeah...wanna see hot and I mean HAWT get your ass to the Guadalupe River in mid-July and LISTEN for us, cuz not only are we the hawtest bitches around, we are the loudest too!!! just sayin

  5. Sqy wha?! The world doesn't stop before the monthly which comes along? And you can't stop the ice storm, and make the sun pop out of nowhere? Holy shit! I found another normal mom, who must have a delirious daughter like I do. Sa-weet!!

    Loved your letters! And congrats on the lost 4 pounds AND the bonus.

    P.S. Car salesman SUCK. For real. Good for you for not getting sucked into it!

    Have a great weekend! I'll be back for sure. =)

  6. Well apparently those 4 lbs you lost are a multiplying little nuisance because I think I found them too. Crap.

    When I bought a car for the first time by myself, my dad came up there to make sure they weren't taking advantage of me. About the 3rd time the guy came out from the back with the "best we can do" price written down I told him "Look -- you can go tell the wizard behind the curtain I told you what my monthly note would be and if he's got a problem with that, then I've got a problem with him wasting my time." My dad stood up and said, "Yep, looks like you've got this under control. See ya later!" and left. I got my car for the price I wanted.

    If you've got some kind of nature power can you come down here and make all this pollen disappear? Seriously - my eyes are almost rubbed raw.

  7. LOL I think my posterior found the four pounds you lost...I'm feeling positively dumpy today! xD Glad to know I'm not alone in my suffering of a preteen nightmare! I wonder why that is, that it helps if other people suffer with you?...I guess we humans are all f***ed up in the head....LMAO Thanks for the blog love!! I'm so excited to finally be getting comments and the like. Welcome to my madness! ;)


    Your Newest Follower

  8. woooo hooo on 4 pounds! that is awesome! isn't it great how that can just make things all better.

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  9. Wow really? 1/2 day Fridays sound awesome! And congrats on the raise at work AND losing 4 pounds! You are on fire girl- you better pay the lottery.

    I'm shocked that you have seen snow every single month of the year. Yikes!

    I'm going to have to miss out on the river trip this summer. We are going to NYC at the same time. :(

  10. Oh, and thanks for linking up!