Monday, April 5, 2010

WTF is Easter Monday?

I got an e-mail from Aunt Crazy earlier asking what Easter Monday was anyway? She said it's a Canadian holiday and wondered what kind of holidays we have up here that the US can't celebrate. A bullshit holiday apparantly because I am IN Canada and I'm at work! And I guess that makes me a little bit of ignorant Canadian because I don't know wtf Easter Monday is. So over to Wikipedia I go to find the importance of Easter Monday:

"It's the second day of the octave of Easter Week" (um, hello, did they say Easter Week? It seems to me that someone's been pulling the wool over our eyes ....)

" ... involved a week of secular celebration, but this was reduced to one day in the 19th century" (fuck!)

"Events included egg rolling and .... dousing other people with water" (I'm thinking of chinese food and water balloons ... way better than being at work)

And finally ...

"It is customarily a day for visiting family and friends" (There! I'm going home!)

Or I wish I was. I'm completely inconvenienced. This is the first Easter Monday in 10 years that I've worked (damn kids growing out of daycare ... now what will I use for excuses to miss work? I'll have to get creative here ..... ).

To kill some time here though, I'd thought I'd play some tag with Aunt Crazy. The rule is to open my pics folder, grab the tenth pic, post it, and tell the story. Being at work, again (f)yuck, I just have one disc on hand. But the tenth pic is a good one and I swear on every thing worth swearing on, this really is the tenth pic.

I know I've posted a lot of pics of my house, but this one is good. It was July 8, 2009 and I had just took possession. I drove up the street, Sydnerella beside me, my wonderful aunt / realtor close behind, and my mom and Mr Sister en route. I arrived first to find a massive purple bow on the front door. It was a beautiful summer day, I was just getting the keys to our very own house, and Sydnerella was grouchy. She had been at the same elementary school since kindergarten, but because we were out of district, she couldn't go to the junior high where all her friends were going. I bought a house in the same neighbourhood we'd been living in for three years, just closer to the junior high that just accepted her. Again, she was grouchy. She assumed that being the Queen n all, could tell me to buy a house closer to the other junior high so she could go to school there. Well, I'm sorry, but just having learnt a kid had stabbed another with scissors at that school and knowing that school feeds into one of the worst high schools in the city, I was a little iffy about sending my kid there. Call me crazy. So I did it, I ripped her away from everything she had known since she was little and she was fucking angry. I felt for her, I really did, but as the mom, made the choice that I thought was best for her going forward. This will actually spin off a whole other blog as I've been thinking about writing about my 2009 for awhile. It was a big-un. So here's the pic ....

My daughter, Mrs Crabbypants herself, Sydnerella. Later that day, she was able to walk 2 blocks to her newest friends house (the friend whose hip she's been attached to since), and that made her happy. I swear I saw a half-smile. And the day after the pic was taken, when my faux-husband was finished painting her bedroom the colours I let her choose, she all-out smiled. I have the pic to prove it, just not with me.

Aunt Crazy's rules say that I have to tag 5 people play this with today. Let's see who will play with me:

Or Miss Mandy at Red M&M's? (Miss Mandy is brand new to blogging so this should get her going again ...)


  1. I got tagged!!!!! whoooooo hoooooooo
    and my AMERICAN Calender has Easter Monday on it, so I think that means I should get to go home too?! right?? :)

  2. That is the most awesome picture. It tells a lifetime of stories. :D

  3. working any Monday sucks, but especially Monday after Easter....

    I think I will start a new tradition, starting next year.....LOL

  4. Yay! I'm tagged! It will have to wait until tonight when I'm more creative at home...Plus I'm leaving work early.