Saturday, April 3, 2010

immediate satisfaction

Word of the day: malversation

That has absolutely nothing to do with what I'm writing, but I had to use once while typing this up and decided I'd share the word of the day .. And no, I don't have time to tell you what it means.

So, I'm trying to work this ass off ... well, not the ass itself, because honestly, men dig my ass, but I am trying to get rid of this spare tire, or my inner-tube really. A tire actually looks quite hard & solid, even though round. My inner-tube ... well, it's soft & squishy, and even more round. And it needs to go. Since I posted my last blog about Chubby Busting, which btw, was not titled to be dirty in anyway, although after Mr. Daddy's interest in the blog just because of the name, I have to admit that I was a little disappointed in myself for NOT thinking of that first because my mind is always in the gutter. See ... I am now picturing a real chubby getting busted and probably need to booty-call T-Bone over asap to bust his chubby. Have I gone too far? Maybe I should just get back to what I was writing .. where was I? Right, losing my inner-tube. I've been to the gym four times since I started thinking I am gettin pretty fat and I have replaced some bad eating choices with good eating choices. I'm feeling pretty good about it too. However, my gym was not open yesterday, and today it just closed. At 4pm? Wtf? I want to go to the gym NOW. Not tomorrow, NOW! And No, I don't want to go for a long walk or do any exercises at home? NO! This sudden urge for immediate satisfaction is obviously why I am chubby busting (tehehe) and I never realized it before. Okay, I realized it, but never identified it. I am actually having what Oprah would call an "Ah-ha" moment this second as I type.....

When I stop at Winners because I feel like I need a new shirt and I'm in a decent mood, I will find a shirt. Maybe two. But Winners is cheap, so that's ok. But when I go into Winners and I'm in a pissy mood, I will still find that shirt. But I will also find four more. Two pairs of pants. A pair of shoes. And a jacket. I am immediately happy. And I feel the $200 was justified because "I deserved it". "I work hard for my money". And "I don't spend a lot on myself". (You do know that I pay someone to clean my house don't you? ... See ... Immediate Satisfaction!) I usually return at least half of what I bought because I also suffer from severe buyers remorse most of the time. I've done the same thing with drinking in the past ... Been out at a drinking function (like a friends birthday where everyone is getting shit faced), though not having a good time yet, pound back a few shooters, go home and all of a sudden, I had the best night evah! Immediate Satisfaction. Hell, I've done it with sex too. I'm in the mood. T-Bone is not. Really really not. I get mad. Not necessarily that he wont take care of me (seriously, would it kill them to hop on top for the 60 seconds it would take in those dire situations?), but that he wont take care of it, and he wont leave the room so I can. Ok, now even I think I went little far with that comment, but it's kinda like that. A little bit. Ok, not really, but you get the point. I get the point. Immediate Satisfaction. Now, to link this to my chubby busting issue, I obviously do the same with food. French fries, chips, etc. I want what I want NOW, or never really. But I usually get or do what I want NOW because I know the excitement will die right away and then it wont matter. But for that moment, it matters. It matters big time. I have driven to the corner store at midnight to buy chips on more than one occasion. Hmmmm ... very interesting how a blog I had no clue I was going write is all of a sudden written. I really just popped on to complain about the gym being closed. Anyway, I still want to be at the gym NOW and am not happy that it's not open, so to make myself feel better, I'd like to hop on the couch and remain there until Sydnerella comes home from her friends so we can colour eggs. Immediate Satisfaction. But I wont. Not this time. I have two loads of laundry to finish, grocery shopping (which includes shopping for the Easter Bunny .. and that means I am going to be eating tons o lindor chocolate over the next 24 hours), and I do have a mini-tramp in front of my TV ... I really have no probelm jumping on that thing for an hour while watching Sex & the City re-runs. And hey, if I order something nasty on pay-per-view, I can kill two birds with one stone ... just saying .... Immediate Satisfaction!

Yes, that's me .. seriously. Look at that ass ... daaaamn!


  1. *Snicker* well maybe it did entice my interest just a little.....LOL

    And maybe I did hop on over to visit JUST to see what in the world you were going to post about...

    Butt, you got to give yourself some credit, even if you weren't thinking anything smutty, or writing about said smuttiness..*(snort)*

    I did become your newest follower.....and as you know us guy's are all about the visual, and as you haven't posted any girlie pics, I must be staying because of the writing...ROFL

  2. great post! i think we can all relate!

  3. You.Crack.Me.UP. and so does Mr. Daddy...HAHAHAHA

    I so so so get the immediate satisfaction and I've witnessed YOURS...hello youporn HAHAHAHAHA

  4. Wait a minute, I just read my comment again and it sounds a little bit like we may have had some lesbian thing and we didn't not that I have anything against lesbians, hell I want to be one in my next life, but you and me, we did not have anything like that but what I mean about witnessing your OH NEVERMIND...nothing I say at this point is going to make anyone believe that we did NOT have a lesbian experience...HAHAHA

  5. ROFLMAO Y, see it told you ... Immediate Satisfaction.

    Mr Daddy, I needed a man-follower, thanks :)