Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Blog name idea #2 - On the Couch

This idea was a spin off of my first idea. All of the above is true, but it was missing something. Something genuine, something I love. Like they way I love my couch. More than I do most people I know and more than my black soft wood bed with the bowling ball mattress. I don’t quite like the look of it as much as the day I brought it home (don’t worry, I’m giving it a make over, not tossing it in the dump … I’m not as cold as they say I am …). I saw it 10 years ago in the “show room” of United Furniture (show room meaning a huge warehouse with dirty lino, furniture thrown all over in no particular order, and a sales guy at the ratty old order desk). It was one of my first big purchases as a grown up and I was so proud of the puffy comfy blue fabric. It was first hand, I didn’t have to guess or wonder who and what broke it in, it was me. And did I ever break it in. Get your head out of the gutter (if it wasn’t in the gutter … well then you just learned something new about me!) My couch has been the source of much comfort over the years. I’ve lived in 4 different places with that couch and that’s really what I long for when I say I want to be at home. Playing the role of mom, dad, bread winner, wife, girlfriend (I’ll explain later), soccer enthusiast, chauffer, and errand-boy, I don’t get as much time as I’d like on my couch, or as much time as I used to I should say. I guess this is a good thing in some ways too because there is a slight relation to not having drank as much gatorade in the same amount of time either. Couch and Gatorade day? Fuzzy headed and eating advil like candy or not, that’s a great day! When I get those e-mail surveys from friends and get to the question that asks “If you could be anywhere else right now, where would it be?” I always imagine my couch. I type other things though because I don’t want people to feel sad for me, but I am serious when I say right here and now, that I would be the most happiest if I was able to just stay on my couch. Not in the same way my mom stays on her couch, my own refined way. For example, I love my job. So if I just had a lap top, a printer and scanner, and probably approval from my boss and human resources, I could totally do my job from my couch. Hell, if I’m going down that route, I’d also throw a beer fridge beside the couch. Not full of beer because beer & my couch never lead to good things (hhmm scratch that … it leads to couch and gatorade day, ok maybe a few beer …). Beer & work never lead to good things. So probably just some bottled water, because I know I don’t get enough of that. And don’t worry, I have a bathroom on the main floor that actually has a view of the TV when the door’s open, so it’s not like I’d be hoping for a bed pan or catheter or anything like that. I’d literally be in heaven …. Especially, especially if between TSN, TSN2, Score, and the game channel was all day poker ….. I’m getting a little tingle just thinking about it. I’d still take my smoke breaks at the same time, maybe even drive to Tim Hortons for my morning fix (or more likely text my husband to bring me one … no I’m not married and I said I’d explain that later). I’d also still like to be the person that does my grocery shopping, cooking, all that stuff that matters - I didn’t say clean the house …. Jeeze I have my limits too … I just want to make it clear, I don’t want to be on my couch every second of everyday, let’s just say while my kid is at school for sake of argument. That would be ideal. As it is now though, I appreciate that hour I might get on my couch each day. I don’t take it for granted, and I try not to waste it. And on the nights where my eyes just won’t close and my mind refuses to stop spinning, my couch is always there to put me to sleep.

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