Tuesday, September 22, 2009

PRE-BLOGGER BLOGS - Pebble's funeral - June 2006

The day that every parent dreads - the day the hamster wont wake up. It was a heart breaking day; I have never seen such pure pain in my daughter. It was much more devastating than the day we found the fish floating at the top of the tank and my, then 6 year old, asking if we could feed it to the cat. I actually shed a tear the day Pebble's died. Mostly because of what my daughter was going through, but also partly because I loved that little thing as well. I don't ever remember my childhood hamsters letting me put them in Barbie clothes or playing in Barbie’s talkin townhouse. Pebbles was also making progress with it's friendship with the cat. I sensed this because the few times the hamster did escape and I caught her toodling along the carpet, the cat was close behind, but did nothing. So after only a short 6 months, we buried Pebbles out by the garage, with a chopstick grave marker. Pebbles will be replaced one day, but not with the chihuaha my daughter wants.

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