Tuesday, September 22, 2009

PRE-BLOGGER BLOGS - Don't make me hate McDonalds November 2008

I received a youtube clip via e-mail today .... a lady talking about a mcdonalds hamburger that she's been carrying around for 4 years that just wont rot. The video also goes on to compare a regular slice of potato with a mcdonalds french fry. I've seen it before but it hasn't come up for discussion .... until today. The short discussion was between me and a few-inches-taller-and-several-pounds-lighter version of me. This isn't about the fact that I do wish I could re-proportion my "assets" every time this version of me walks by, but then again, maybe it is ...... Back to my point. I commented that I'd already seen the video and it sure hasn't stopped me from eating McDonalds. Thinking this was probably true for most people, she replied that she hasn't eaten it since she was "like 16"! Ok, so the difference between us might be more than a few inches and several pounds. I think McDonalds is genius for finding a way to preserve foods for such long periods of time. If we could preserve fruits and veggies and low fat yoghurt, let's say, as well as McDonalds preserves their "food" then perhaps the fruits & veggies & low fat yoghurt I buy each & everytime I vow that today IS the day wouldn't make it to the garbage just in time for trash day (or the odd time it gets shoved to the back on the bottom shelf in the fridge, just in time for it's fruit fly babies to hatch). This is something worth exploring ... think of the money we'd save buying never-rot foods. Well seriously, times are tough .....

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