Tuesday, September 22, 2009

PRE-BLOGGER BLOGS - Anyone see me on TV shoveling cake down my throat? May 2007

I was at my daughter’s school last night watching her perform with her SAM (sing & movement) club for the school's 25th anniversary. Wasn't prepared at all for it to be such a big deal, but there was aldermen, MLA's, school trustees, past principals, etc in attendance ... AND CAKE. I settled into my front row seat (where I have never sat before in the 5 years of school performances) with my piece of cake. So I could enjoy the show fully (or maybe it was because I was intending on snagging a second piece…) I started eating the cake as fast as I could before the performance began. I was making pretty good progress on it, when I turned and noticed a cameraman & his camera pointed right at me. I put the cake down, turned my head, grabbed my napkin, and wiped all the icing off my face as I tried to swallow the massive bite I had just stuffed in my mouth. I’m completely red and now almost choking, and he's still got the camera on me. I'm not even sure how he wasn't cracking up, maybe it wasn’t funny so much as sick …. When he finally gets the camera pointed towards the stage, I see the big sticker on the side ….. Global TV, once of the city‘s biggest TV broadcaster. F**k!

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