Tuesday, September 22, 2009

PRE-BLOGGER BLOGS - Almost home - August 31

I called my daughter last night to let her know I was almost home, and that it was time for her and her friend to get to bed. With a sweet innocent, (yes, I know .... deceptive) voice, she said ok. I pulled up to the house two hours later (I'm no fool .... I am ALWAYS "almost home" ... even when I was still a province and eight hours away was I "almost home"). As I pulled into the garage I noticed that my daughter must have forgot to turn the lights off in the computer room. As quickly as I turned around to grab some things out of the car, the computer room light went off. I dropped my crap on the kitched floor and tip toed up to my daughters room. Without so much as a knock, I opened the door. There lay my daughter on top of all her blankets, fully clothed, glasses still on. Little neighbourhood girl beside her, also on top of all the blankets, fully clothed, with her cell phone light still on from the last call or text sent or recieved! But their eyes were closed, they were breathing heavy, they must have been sleeping. "Get your pj's on and get to bed now!" I demanded. Response I received? "I am in bed ... I uh, was sleeping". I had to just stare to prove my point, or A point anyway. I then commented what a cool feature it was in our new house that the garage door opener controls the lights on the second floor.... I waited almost a full minute for a reaction, then finally saw the bed start to move under their belly's trying ever so hard to suppress their laughter, then a few slips. They were busted and thought it was pretty funny. Serves me right really for going out of town in the first place and not telling my daughter anything except that "I'm almost home."

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