Tuesday, September 22, 2009

PRE-BLOGGER BLOGS - What the hell Kelly Clarkson? June 2007

Where does Kelly Clarkson get off charging so much for a ticket to her concert? How many albums does she even have out, how long can the concert possibly be? She's an American Idol winner for chrissakes. Just because her name was screamed out in 40 Year Old Virgin, doesn't make her worth more as a performer than Avril Lavigne for example, whose tickets went for much less. She’s a good singer, don’t get me wrong, definitely one of my favourite artists that my 9 year old listens to, probably a show that is clean and appropriate for younger kids to attend. But come on ... And I’m talking about the crappy seats here, not even the floor or the first level. Not to mention all the different fees we have to pay on top of the ticket price. These artists who have a large fan base of young kids should realize that for every 2 concert tickets they sell to a fan, they are also selling a ticket to the parent that gets stuck (in most cases) taking the kids to the concert. Ok, well they the probably DO realize it and that's exactly why they charge what they do. And $40 for a child sized t-shirt that they will outgrow before the next album is released? Good job! After doing the math, if I decide to take to my daughter to see Kelly Clarkson in concert, I will spend almost as much as a one way ticket to Vegas would cost me (for crappy seats remember), which can & probably will include parking, a t-shirt, a drink, popcorn, and maybe even a hot dog. Nice!

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