Tuesday, September 22, 2009

PRE-BLOGGER BLOGS - A morning commute in June 2006

Well, we have 3 routes out of the cluster (f**k) of communities where I live leading to the rest of the city. The first, and usually easiest to downtown, is under construction. An interchange is being added, which has shut down a few sections of lanes within a 1-kilometer stretch of road in all 4 directions. The second, which is furthest from downtown and not a route I would take anyway, has the whole intersection closed for the next 30 days for water mane repairs. Between the two closure, people wishing to leave the 7 communities north of the construction zones, are choosing the middle exit. Immediately after my 35 minutes of chaos to get out of the house, the commute turns to a 40km/h coast among mini-vans. Good thing a new Tim Hortons opened and is located conveniently on a road in which fewer commuters take to lead them to the hell in the middle exit (you thought I was going to say East didn’t you??). So the drive is smooth for awhile. Until we hit the #1 Highway, or 16 Avenue. Yes, the same highway that runs across all of Canada runs directly through our city (most of it 2 lanes … figure that one out …). This section, where I get onto the Deerfoot, is 6 lanes …. 4 of which are CLOSED. These are the two busiest roads in Calgary. Good thing I have my coffee. And really, when I compare it to what I used to go through to get to work (and believe me, we’ll get there) - when I was a c-train commuter - there is really no contest. So I am thirty minutes late for work, but with coffee, my music, and my menthol lights, it's rather enjoyable way to spend a chunk of the morning.

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