Tuesday, October 27, 2009

conversations with kicked in the head by a horse lady

It's time for True Story Tuesday again, found at Once Upon a Miracle. There are some good reads over there, check it out if you have time.

Here's my story for today ...

Not that I have to mention this again, but I love my job, I've been here forever so it seems. And I loved the floor that I used to work on and most of the people on it - when they aint on my face-smacking list. When they're off my face-smacking list, I like them again. And, no, I am not just typing this in case someone in our IT department reads our stuff and makes a point of telling somebody that I was brown-nosing to the few people that may read this ... I really am one of those dorks you see that genuinely loves their jobs! Kicked in the head by a horse lady was on my floor for under a year (MY floor because my department was there first!) and she brought a small entourage with her. We call them "Land". Land is a group of people that work in the industry with a much higher tolerance to alcohol. This is built up as land babies as they are invited to (or create) more functions than the rest of us, and they have less hours in a work day than we do which is why it's easier for them to come in the day after a bender. They are funny and personable, and come from all walks of life (well all walks of life in this industry means either Edmonton, down East, Saskatchewan, and on rare occassion, even Calgary). Land departments are full of Chandler Bing type people .... nobody outside of Land knows what they do. They make a lot of money, but we're not quite sure why. From the bottom up, they are united and I have yet to hear of a land person that has ever been fired. This brings me back to kicked in the head by a horse lady. I was in the kitchen minding my own business, just spreading some peanut butter on my toast when she walks in (I may have just been eating spoonfuls out of the jar, but nobody will even know for sure ....), she watches me for a minute, then say OH. PEANUT BUTTER. HAVE YOU EVER TRIED NUTELLA? Who hasn't? That stuff was fantastic. Chocolate sandwhiches? Hellooo. She looked a little miffed, or put out, or confused - ya never can tell with those glazed over eyes, but she almost yelled at me WHY AREN'T YOU EATING THAT THEN? Um, well I just have the peanut butter. HOW COME? Well I don't know, that's what I bought the last time I was at Sobey's. BUT IF YOU LIKE NUTELLA THEN WHY WOULDN'T YOU BE EATING NUTELLA?? I don't know ... make it stop, too many questions ..... I'm possibly not eating Nutella right now for the same reason that I'm not drinking a 6 pack of Strongbow right now. I really like it, just don't have any on hand. Most likely that's really not the reason beause I'm sure the ramifications of eating chocolate sandwhiches in the office would not be the same as if I was drinking wobbly-pops in the office ... I turn into a big flirt when I drink excessive amounts of wobbley-pops and I'm sure a 6-pack of Strongbow would probably be considered excessive at the office after the show I'd surely put on. And kicked in the head by a horse lady just walked out of the kitchen all air-headed like as if she was either completely satisfied with the result of the conversation or completely forgot she had even spoken to anyone. I hung back quite confused, staring at my peanut better toast almost with regret, craving chocolate sandwhiches.


  1. Loved the reference to Friends. I did my first true story tuesday today. I am a new follower too!

  2. Great first True Story Tuesday! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Have a great day.

  3. oops, sorry...I just went back to my blog and realized you were not the one that was posting for the first time! YIKES!

  4. Hahahahaa- what a totally random conversation! Did you go and buy Nutella for your toast for breakfast the next day?

  5. Okay... this is gonna sound dumb - especially now. But I've never had Nutella. And I must be missing something really big because the people who do talk about it - talk as if it's some mythical thing that is available at the local Trader Joe's.

    But what a random conversation - Julie said it best. Seriously?!?!

  6. kicked in the head by a horse lady seems a few fries short of a happy meal, hell she may be missing an entire nugget...i heart you and i'm counting the days til you get back to tx to see me and mrs t gets back from the damn store!!!