Friday, October 30, 2009

Dear blasted shin splints ...

It's Friday (thank freaking god) and it's time for Letters of Intent, brought to us by Julie over at Foursons.

Letters of Intent

It was either this letter, or a letter to the 17 pound pumpkin I grabbed yesterday and had to leave gutted with just a mouth because I started to develope blisters from carving the big bastard. And because it was pushing 9 o'clock which meant Survivor time! Didn't end up catching most of it anyway because I was competing with my daughter over who could catch the most popcorn in their mouths when throwing it high in the air. She won, which means I get to vacuum all the popcorn that was left all over the living room when I get home tonight. Here's my letter ....

Dear Shin Splints:

Go away, you painful little fuckers. I can feel you creeping back into my body but I am serious this time. I was serious the first time too, and if I could kick your ass for what you did back then, I would. You stole something from me that I will never forgive you for. I loved the treadmil. I loved the music, the sweat dripping down my face, the accomplishment I felt when I was able to run a whole minute, then eventually 3, all the way up to 8. It was a real love and you destroyed it. I tried to get as close with the eliptical trainer, I kept the music turned up, I moved fast, I sweated then too, but it wasn't the same. And I gave it an honest try, I swear I did. And sometimes when I tried to get back to my 1st love even just to get through Let it Rock or Piece of Me (yes it's Brittney Spears .. don't judge ...), you crippled me again. And much worse. So I rubbed, and iced, and heated, and stretched, and whatever else I thought would make you go away, and after 4 week, I kicked your ass. But it was too late. I lost my feelings for the treadmil and although I think back to that time with fond memories, and I get a little tingley if ya know what I mean, it's lost. Maybe not forever, but for now, I've moved on. I found a new love. It's harder than the treadmil, but I get to wear ugly shoes and a fancy jersey. And you blasted shin splints, I get to cover you up with hard sweaty plastic guards and thick socks. I get to run around a big piece of green felt chasing a ball while others run around me, faster and with better judgement. Some bigger, some smaller, some gentle, and some just damn mean. I cough and sweat and turn red, but it's a love that is developing and I know you can't stand it. I can feel it. Not all the time, and not even on the field. But when I get home to unwind, I can feel you. I can feel you when I press. And I hate you. I will kick your ass again before you ruin this too. This love I am not willing to give up, I will fight for it. You better believe it. Fuckers.

For your listening pleasure ..... who the hell doesn't want to just jump out their chairs and start dancing hard or running around when they hear this song? Love it ......


  1. Never had shin splints but after reading your post, I DON'T WANT THEM. LOVE the Blog and the honesty!

  2. Ugh, shin splints are so painful! I feel for ya'. And are you playing soccer? They have a soccer league that mom's play in instead of watching?

    Thanks for linking up- I hope those shin splints disappear NOW!

  3. Oh my Bob! Those sound so painful! And now Monkey is dancing around the living room to this song while I download it on iTunes. LOVE IT!! Never knew who sang it, so thanks!! ;)