Thursday, October 8, 2009

happy hump day

Speaking of humping ..... I was just clicking away all over blogger when I came across something that always gets my attention: SEX on Janie Woods blog. To read that I'm not the only sex maniac that begs her man for the lovins, well that just made me feel so much .... well I can't entirely say better because I'm still not reaching my quota of triples each & every day. Ok, I may be over-doing it here, I'm really not that much of an animal. What fears me after pondering this issue, is that I am younger than some women who I hear have this high drive. What will become of me as I grow up? Will it get worse for me? What will become of T-Bone? I was so damn grateful when I realized that I needed the schnoo schnoo as much as I needed air to breath and I had met T-Bone, who was always "up" for it (ok, lame I got it ...) He's not so much anymore and I have found myself picking fights and actually pouting, I swear to jeebus, I've been pouting. Not to worry though, I now have a drawer full of goodies, and even though T-Bone's a pretty generous guy (not too long ago, as a matter of fact, I scored 4 times, yes FOUR times, in roughly 2 hours ...), we're not together every waking minute, and when we are, I understand that he's not a machine (even though not too long ago I scored FOUR times in 2 hours ... wait, did I mention that already?). But those nights he's "tired" or what-the-hell-ever, well he best be sleeping on the couch because my new pal that I picked up at the megaplexxx in San Antonio (thanks again my beloved M&P friends) is never too tired ... never! And as time goes on, if his drive (heaven forbid) hits rock bottom while mine continues to sky rocket, he already told me I can find a hot young boy toy (that was my interpretation anyway), just as long as I quit pouting ....


  1. SHA-ZAM! That is one big toy ya got there. I am impressed. And a lil bit jealous. Thanks for the comment over at the Chaos Uncontained. Not all posts are about sex over there... ;)

  2. Heyyyy, I took that pic...LMFAO!!!