Friday, October 2, 2009

sweet sweet Friday

The work week is over in T minus 70 minutes. Not a whole lot can beat Friday. I'm wearing jeans at the office, I'm getting a free breakfast because I participate in Treat Week (mmm mini-cup cakes with icing … hey, I bet if I took all the icing off all the cup cakes, everyone would just assume that whoever brought treats today was too cheap to get the cup cakes iced), and we're off at noon. Sweeet! I'm chasing T-Bone out of the house when I get home because he's been over entirely too long (and if I have to pick up one more butter knife that's still sitting in smeared and dried peanut butter on the counter, I'm gonna stuff it up his arse), tidying up during Dr Phil or Judge Judy commercial breaks, then getting ready for Girls Night at Stacy's - complete with iced tea or wine, steak or chicken, and whatever else we can agree on while some of us are trying to lose weight and some of us just love food too damn much to care. Let me introduce you to my girls. Girl #1: My sister. She's 2 years younger than me, roughly the size of my ass, is the only full sister I have (within the mess of marriages between my mom & dad, and several step / half siblings), who's been playing the role of my kids dad since JBE blamed her for being kicked to the curb when I woke up that day many years ago and thought WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING?, and who will probably come up a lot on this blog, so we'll call her Silly Sally. Girl #2: My good friend, probably my best friend, who adopted me back in junior high when the school turned against me because they were all mean little bitches (we were thee most teased girls in that school – her for being fat, me for being flat chested, wtf!?), who lashed out with me by throwing stink bombs in the boys locker room and missing school to walk around by the river, and who I can always count on to drink shooter after shooter with me at the nastiest dance bar in the northeast in between smoke breaks and get groped by stinky men on the dance floor. And girl #3. - My dear friend who I've known since grade 4, who I knew I would like immediately when she brought bannock in to share with the class, who started the fad of getting knocked up in high school and shares my knowledge of raising an over-developed pre-teen, who appreciates and understands why I just bought a house a block away from the Sikh temple even though I’m as white as snow and don’t speak Punjabi (because she lives even closer … ha!), and who was just diagnosed with MS at her young age of 29. We're sure that she'll tell us she'll be just fine while we’re all together for our much needed & overdue Girls Night. And if she doesn't feel like saying a thing about it, well … between the 4 of us girls, I'm sure we'll have more than enough to talk about..... weight loss … female ejaculation … and everything in between. Love Girls Night, and love Fridays.


  1. I'm crashing y'alls party dammit! I desparately need a girls night and not one that consists of me and the girlkid, cuz she can't drink, cuss, talk about sex, or sleep with me the way you do!

  2. the kid is sleeping out, it would be a great night to cuddle ;)